Everything you need to know

everything you need to know

If your skin tone, face shape, or general approach to makeup has changed since your 20s, these makeup tips for women over 50 will help you find a natural, fresh new look that will make you look your best. . Here is everything you need to know as a makeup mistake to avoid to create your new look without problems.

Makeup mistake to avoid

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One of the biggest mistakes mature women make is choosing not to wear makeup at all because they don’t know what techniques are right for them at the time. When you’re old, whether it’s a coloring gray hair or makeup, you have to be prepared for those things.

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While it’s true that the candy-pink lipstick, sparse brows, and blush of your youth are no longer fashionable — or even flattering beyond a certain age — there are plenty of makeup products out there. for women over 50 that will give them shine, definition and a touch of youthful freshness. Read on for our helpful tips, then experiment with colors and applications to find a personal makeup routine that works for you.

First makeup mistake to avoid

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Not getting into the right skincare and lifestyle habits. Some 50-year-old women may look 35 while others look 65; it depends on genetics and how well they have protected their skin. If you take care for your hairwear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen – you’re on the right track.

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We also recommend removing makeup every night and using an exfoliator to improve texture, as well as hydrating with serums and moisturizers containing antioxidants and retinoids to keep skin looking its best.

Applying the wrong kind of foundation – and using way too much

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Mature skin tends to be drier and have more fine lines, so it’s best to avoid matte foundations that settle into crevices and look like a mask. You want your real skin to glow as you age, and glowing, hydrated skin is the best recipe for a younger look.

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Use a primer to create a hydrated, smooth base, then dab hydrating foundation only on areas where you need extra coverage for pigmentation or blemishes. Don’t cover your entire face with a layer of foundation.

Excessive blush

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As you age, natural facial contours become more prominent than ever through loss of density, which means extensive contouring with bronzers and blush is not necessary. the facial care is very important from a certain age. You want the bronzer to give you a healthy, sun-kissed look – you don’t want it to look muddy or fake – so sometimes I just apply foundation a few shades darker instead of a bronzer in powder.

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We also suggest using blush with a light hand or even smudging a little lipstick on the cheekbone of your cheeks for a bit of soft color. Try L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush for a fresh, natural looking blush that never feels dry or cakey. It comes in eight shades labeled N, C, and W for Neutral, Cool, and Warm, allowing you to match your cheek color to your skin’s undertone.

wearing too much eyeliner

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Take an eyeliner black and drawing a hard line across the entire upper and lower lashes is never the answer to making your eyes look wide and open. Instead, stick with a thin line of darker eyeliner on the upper lashes and go for a softer approach on the lower lash line using an angled brush to apply eye shadow with a hint of shine.

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Try the Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner from L’Oréal Paris to create a precise and fine line. Its soft felt tip is perfect for applying a touch of definition to upper lashes or even a thin wing to lengthen eyes.

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