How to choose your anti-wrinkle cream

How to choose your anti-wrinkle cream

“Mom, she has lines on her forehead”. It only takes one observation, even an innocent one, for one day, without warning, our wrinkles impose themselves on us. Accepting them is not always easy, so adopting a really good anti-wrinkle cream can help. Its goal ? Minimize the appearance of streaks, fill them in part, slow down the appearance of the next ones… A whole program for the skin!

What is the difference between anti-aging cream and anti-wrinkle cream?

This is a question that torments people’s minds. Yet the answer is almost in the question. ” An anti-wrinkle treatment specifically targets wrinkles, while an anti-aging treatment aimsin general, the wrinkle and other parameters such as firmness, density or spots” explains Betsabée Coutaz, scientific director Dr Pierre Ricaud.

But then, since according to the adage, prevention is better than cure, when should you switch from one to the other, so as to anticipate as much as possible? To this question, the expert replies that temporality does not really exist. “It depends on each individual’s aging map. Fair skin types tend to wrinkle as they age.whereas matte skins, thicker, tend to relax. That said, wrinkles are often the first signs of aging, and represent the strongest symbolism in terms of signs of aging. Therefore, I would say that we can start with anti-wrinkle, and then add a corrective component on the cutaneous architecture such as density, firmness, slackening. But one does not replace the other, they are complementary. »

When to trade your day cream for an anti-wrinkle cream?

The skin is largely made up of water, which gradually evaporates. This is why it is essential to hydrate it on a daily basis, whether through food, drink (without alcohol) and topical treatments. This makes it possible to limit the damage of what is called, in dermatological jargon, ‘transepidermal water loss’. Do you usually apply a day cream daily? Rest assured, using an anti-wrinkle cream will not take away the benefit of hydration, as our speaker explains to us: “Anti-wrinkles moisturize, more global anti-aging treatments also. My recommendation? Start with anti-wrinkle care from 25 years old. This is when cellular metabolism begins to slow down, so you need to give it a boost right away. It is better to prevent than to correct when the “damage” is established. » At the same time, do not forget to protect your skin from the sunbecause UV rays accelerate the aging process of the skin, and can induce, once the solar capital has been exceeded, skin cancers.

What is a good anti-wrinkle cream?

When you treat yourself to an anti-wrinkle treatment, you want efficiency. However, we must also keep in mind the pleasure of application, and not only! At the time of purchase, Betsabée Coutaz recommends checking:

the texture. An essential point to ensure true compliance (the fact of applying the product regularly), and therefore, visible results.

the active ingredients. The most classic in an anti-wrinkle being vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamidepeptides…

product claim. Check on the case whether clinical tests with instrumental measurements coupled with self-assessment measurements have been carried out. They are the guarantors of a real desire of the laboratory to ensure the real effectiveness of the said product. If it is only a question of a self-assessment, that is not enough to demonstrate it.

Also consider your skin type. Some ingredients present in anti-wrinkles could have a deleterious impact. Scientific Director Dr Pierre Ricaud advises:

in case of reactive skinavoid AHAs, BHAs, retinol, vitamin C at high concentration (above 5%).

in case of oily skin, not to use too rich creams, containing ingredients with saturated fatty acids. “Unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial, they help rebuild the barrier in a healthy way. It’s the good fat,” she says.

As for the ideal composition of an anti-wrinkle, there are often two schools. On the one hand, the one that advocates the minimum of ingredients in a formula, in order to promote skin tolerance. On the other, the one who, on the contrary, prefers to use what is considered to be the right dose of ingredients, to obtain a result that meets expectations, both in terms of performance and pleasure of use. It is up to you, therefore, to position yourself according to your expectations and the feelings of your face.

Finally, if you are pregnant, take the time to carefully examine the composition label of your anti-wrinkle cream. Some ingredients cosmetics are not recommended during pregnancy, such as retinol. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your dermatologist, pharmacist, gynecologist or midwife.

What is the link between lack of sleep and more visible wrinkles?

Do your wrinkles seem more marked than before Baby’s arrival? Among the many factors responsible for skin aging, lack of sleep is one of them. And for good reason, it is at night that cell regeneration is in full swing. Provided, however, that you sleep well, and with a child who does not sleep through the night, this is complicated. “Lack of sleep creates an accumulation of ‘waste’ throughout the body, which the cells can no longer eliminate. The detoxification systems are overwhelmed and the altered proteins which accumulate, give a yellower, duller complexion” specifies our speaker. Hence the interest ofuse a night cream on clean skin, every evening before going to bed.

Another point that parents know well: stress. However, it too has an impact on the skin, which it alters when it is chronic, by producing cortisol. This hormone, commonly called the “stress hormone”, refines the skin and digs into wrinkles.

Opting for an anti-wrinkle treatment is good. Making sure to maximize its effects is even better. For this, do not hesitate to use a Gua-Sha or follow our facial yoga exercises. “The mechanical actions on the skin are very important, they stimulate the cells which start producing collagen and hyaluronic acid. It boosts all the routines” confirms Betsabée Coutaz.

Ready to adopt an effective anti-wrinkle routine? Complete the effects of the cream with a serum and an anti-wrinkle eye contour too. All should be stored away from the heat of daylight.

Did you know ?

In France, while the anti-wrinkle market is difficult to assess, the (more global) anti-aging market represents 23% of the total beauty market. On a global scale, facials are at the top of the podium, and 30% of them are anti-aging! In 2020, they represented 28 trillion euros, according to Euromitor data.

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