7 techniques to have a radiant complexion

7 techniques to have a radiant complexion

With a well-chosen make-up

It would be wrong to do without the bluff offered by makeup. With few products and simple gestures, it is easy to give the illusion of radiant skin and lively eyes.

  • A light complexion

“To obtain a luminous complexion, the first thing to do is to moisturize your skin well as a base. Then, we prefer light foundation textures, enriched with skincare active ingredients,” notes make-up artist studio Carole Colombani. The goal is to unify everything in transparency. We therefore forget the thick and ultra-matte formulas which tend to freeze the features. To correct imperfections more solidly, you can optionally supplement with a corrector locally. And if you have pronounced dark circles, what do you do? “We use a concealer that is slightly lighter than the foundation. When the blue circles are very dark, the pink and peach shades work well”, emphasizes the makeup artist.

Lack of radiance is also an age-related problem: the more the years pass, the more the fresh rosy aspect of the complexion fades, because the microcirculation becomes less visible through the skin, which also tends to slightly yellow. The parade is therefore to add color. It is first on the cheeks that it is placed. “Pink and coral are good-looking colours, to be chosen in a silky cream texture for maximum radiance”, recommends Carole Colombani. Melt the material into the skin, with your fingertips, and finish with a touch on the brow bone. “On the mouth, we dare poppy red, rather semi-matte”, continues the make-up artist. Easy application that gives a modern finish: blend the lipstick with your finger without trying to defne the contours of the mouth perfectly. You are sure of the color of your lipstick if, when you apply it to your face without makeup, you immediately get a feeling of a more radiant face. Afraid of the vivid effect? We opt for balm formulas, which color in transparency and hydrate the lips as much as possible.

  • Subtly shine

To capture the light, it is interesting to add a touch of shine to the color with an illuminator, to choose delicately iridescent. The finish should be almost imperceptible. “Apply along your cheekbones working up towards the temples. Finish with a touch on the eyelids to bring shine to the whole look,” advises makeup artist Gucci Westman, founder of Westman Atelier. If the highlighter is uncolored, it is placed over the blush; peach or rosé, it replaces it.

  • Groomed eyebrows and eyelashes

To open up and give dynamism to the eyes, two gestures are essential: coat your lashes with mascara and work on your eyebrows. The mascara intensifies and opens the eyes; it is all the more important when you get older and your eyelashes become rare. We choose it with a natural volume effect and we catch the eyelashes well at the base to darken the root, an important detail to give shine. The reflex that often changes everything: use a black pencil to fill in the blanks between the eyelashes. Then we take care of his eyebrows. To have a uniform line, we team up with a tone-on-tone pencil. We brush the hairs downwards, we pencil where the hairs are sparse, then we rebrush upwards to hide the pencil lines.

With aesthetic medicine

In a doctor’s office, you can act in three ways: target the quality of the skin, work on the volumes and open the eye area. “In any case, the idea is to do things that you can’t see,” recalls Dr. Anne Grand-Vincent, cosmetic doctor.

  • An effective trio on skin quality

We combine mesotherapy, peeling and LED. “It’s gentle and all skin types can benefit from it. In mesotherapy, vitamin C and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (fluid) are injected. During the same session, a gentle peeling with fruit acids removes dead cells and tightens pores, while red and orange LED lamps stimulate the production of collagen, radiance and microhealing, which which is interesting after mesotherapy injections”, explains Dr. Grand-Vincent.
The skin may be a little red during the two hours following the session. The radiance intensifies for three or four days.

  • Mini volumizing injections

“We’re trying to nicely restore a bit of relief to certain areas so that they catch the light more. We use, in moderation, injections of volumizing hyaluronic acid without radically changing the volume of the face, but bringing more luminosity. Someone from the outside will not see that there have been injections, ”reassures Dr. Grand-Vincent. Where do we inject? At the level of the cheekbones to optimize their curve, half a syringe per side. You can also work on the lip contour to, again, capture the light better. “0.2 ml of product is enough”, assures the aesthetic doctor.

  • A hint of botulinum toxin

The frown line (between the eyebrows) like a drooping eyebrow tail can harden and darken the face. “Treat them subtly with a little botulinum toxin, without touching the wrinkles on the forehead, allows you to have a more open look”, notes Dr. Grand-Vincent. And an open look means more sparkle.

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