How to have long and voluminous eyelashes this fall without having to use mascara!

How to have long and voluminous eyelashes this fall without having to use mascara!

It’s now possible to get good voluminous lashes without using makeup thanks to a surprising beauty trend!

Discover without delay the new beauty tip to get long voluminous lashes without having to use mascara this fall!

Recently, a new technique has been talked about a lot because it allows you to obtain superb eyelashes without any makeup. So, go quickly below to find out more about it!

What is the new beauty trend to have long eyelashes without makeup?

Every season new trends appear in the field of fashion and beauty. For some time now, a new trick has been making a lot of noise in the field of make-up.

Indeed, it is a method that will allow you to obtain long and voluminous eyelashes without even having to use mascara or any other make-up product. For this technique, you will simply need an ingredient that you probably already have in your bathroom.

It is then petroleum jelly. Thanks to this product, your eyelashes will appear as made up. They will be much thicker but they will also appear elongated. No one will notice that you haven’t put on mascara.

Everyone will be dazzled by your gaze. Something to highlight your eyes very easily. With this product, you no longer have to worry about your mascara starting to run during the day. So you know what you have to do to have doe eyes this fall!

How to apply this new technique from home?

Now that you know a little more about this new beauty technique, you must be wondering how you are going to manage to apply it from home.

Don’t worry, even if you’re not a makeup expert, you should get away with it pretty easily. Thus, you will simply have a little Vaseline and a bottle brush. You can use the brush from one of your old mascaras, for example.

Just be sure to clean it well beforehand. Then, all you have to do is preserve a little bit of material with your brush and place it on your eyelashes. Regarding the application, you can apply the product as you would with your usual mascara.

It is important that it is applied evenly. Do not hesitate to iron with the brush several times. In the evening, you can remove the product with your make-up remover. Even if it’s not makeup, it’s important to remove it before going to bed, otherwise your eyelashes won’t be able to breathe.

The results of this beauty trend on your look

You now know how to apply this new beauty technique at home, from your bathroom. But, you must certainly wonder about the results you can expect from this method. You can already be reassured. Indeed, it is a technique that has already proven itself. She has also attracted many influencers. Thanks to this method, you will obtain longer eyelashes but also with more volume. These will be expanded and elongated. Of course, petroleum jelly will not color your eyelashes.

If you have light eyelashes, you will first need to color them or use another product to make them up. As far as staying power is concerned, this product will stay in place all day, regardless of the outside conditions. You now know the effects of this new beauty trend. All you have to do is try it on and admire the result on your eyes. So, quickly head to your bathroom without waiting another minute!

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