Pink October: 4 brands imagined by entrepreneurs directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer

Pink October: 4 brands imagined by entrepreneurs directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer

From the 1st begins the Pink October month dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer. At the dawn of this movement to save lives, Here is highlights 4 beauty brands created by inspiring entrepreneurs directly or indirectly affected by the disease.

The most common cancer in France, and the one that represents the first cause of death by cancer in women, is breast cancer. Faced with this scourge, the month of October, each year, is dedicated to prevention. It is important to talk about it, to get information and to get tested. By detecting the disease very early, it is possible to cure in 90% of cases. In order to highlight this Pink October month, here are the 4 beauty brands designed and created by fighters. Discover great stories and beautiful cosmetics.

Pink October: 4 beauty brands created by inspiring women

Because of their experience, these entrepreneurs looked into the cosmetics they used on a daily basis. The finding was here: their beauty products were not always formulated with healthy ingredients. An idea then comes to their mind, why not create their own cosmetic brand natural without any risk for their body. The story is on!

1. Ozalys, the beauty ally for taking care of yourself during and after cancer

Isabelle Gyomarch entered the dermo-cosmetic world of beauty with her brand Ozalys in 2017. In response to anti-cancer treatments and their harmful effects on the skin, the founder has developed 10 beauty products to stop this discomfort. Their role is to gently soothe, moisturize and protect the skin. Their unique and innovative formulation (excluding photosensitizing ingredients suspected of being dangerous to health) has even been rewarded with 8 excellence awards.

2. Odacité, the 100% clean Franco-Californian cosmetics brand

Valérie Grandury founded Odacité in 2009 after breast cancer. Then based in Los Angeles, her desire was to find a healthy life, and thus get rid of the toxins she put on her skin. Following multiple searches for ingredients from ancestral recipes, Valérie Grandury succeeded in developing high-end products with a 100% natural formula. Unlike other brands, the products offered do not contain any water. In the composition there are only active ingredients essential to the needs of the skin: coconut, castor, argan, black cumin oils…

3. MEME, a brand in homage to his mother

Judith Levy and Juliette Couturier are the founders of MEME. Behind this brand hides the story of Judith Levy who lost her mother to cancer. Because of the adverse effects of the treatments, her mother needed specific beauty products adapted to her problems. This is how the MEME brand was born. Together, they have developed soothing products to take care of skin heated by treatments. In addition to being composed of natural ingredients, their products are all made in France.

4. Respire, the green brand made in France

Justine Hutteau is the co-founder of Respire. The idea of ​​creating a green and 100% made in France brand came to mind after the detection of a non-cancerous tumor in the breast. The entrepreneur headed into cosmetics to give a kick in the world of hygiene. And she managed to impose herself on the market with a deodorant composed of only four ingredients, perfume included. Since 2019, Justine Hutteau has continued to grow her brand, always taking care of the composition of the products.

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