“I too see flaws like all women. Any advice? Throw the scales away” » La TV en Live

"I too see flaws like all women. Any advice? Throw the scales away" » La TV en Live

‘The body’ of our house, Salento version. Yet Maddalena Corvaglia, 41, does not escape the all-feminine attitude of still having some flaws, especially at this time of year, when “we take off socks and pants and look in the mirror”. To get back in shape, or rather, to feel good about yourself, a good workout is essential, the one offered by the LiveNow platform since mid-April. An ambassador for the fitness section, the presenter will take on the role of personal trainer, always flanked by other professionals, and again in April – the 5th – will debut a new show which sees her at the helm, ‘Motor Trend Mag’ on channel 59 digital terrestrial. Lover of fitness and engines, Maddalena Corvaglia is a “general” mother, which is why she has said no to several reality TV shows: “For me it would be torture and such a prolonged absence would not do her any good”, explains he told Today.

From mid-April, you will organize online fitness classes. What workouts do you offer?

“I’m already going to train the other tutors to understand the cut I want to give and the level of the people. As an indication I will go towards combat, functional training and military training. They will still be formations differentiated by difficulty, since there may be who he is trained, who has stopped for a long time or who comes from an injury. Having had very good instructors, even after breaking my shoulder, I learned how various things work, I have a bit of experience. Of course everything I do, before doing it live, I will show it to the trainers. From mid-April we will do a 12-week program, so that we arrive in summer when we are bombs”.

How do you train?

” Exactly. What I try to bring is what I do. Now that I’m home, I look around and see what can be done: I take the chair, the towels, I use my body weight. I use what I have around and I create instability, perpendicularity. For me, it’s a game, I like it, and that’s what I want to convey. I want to clarify that it does not take much. I hope the gyms will open as soon as possible, but there are also those who are in the gym who cannot go there for economic or time reasons, or because he is ashamed, so we trying to please that slice of people there”.

Women often have a conflicting relationship with their bodies, beyond physical form. Even a perfectly fit woman may not accept herself or see flaws. What relationship do you have with your body?

” It depends. There are times when I too, like everyone else, see flaws. For example in March, when we take off our socks and long pants and look in the mirror. In my opinion, nobody likes you there, because you have that kind of color. corpse, horrible stuff. I only see faults at that time, then later in June, when we go to the beach a few times, we feel better”.

You come from the world of television, where the image, there is no denying it, is fundamental. Has it ever created any problems for you or affected you in any way? Maybe at the beginning, when you were very young.

” Yes. I remember that the first year of Striscia, Elisabetta and I (Canalis, editor’s note) had gained a few pounds and we decided to do the apple diet. This diet made me realize how much a diet like this can hurt you. We ate an apple in the morning, shit with boiled fish in the rehearsal room, which I will never forget, but mostly what I remember like it was yesterday was how hungry I was. “that’s enough” I went out at night looking for a pastry shop or an open bar and robbed them. And I consider myself a very balanced person. But there it was something inexplicable. The thought of being on a diet drove me crazy. Since I understood what not to do, I live it serenely. So of course, if I have a photoshoot I don’t eat pasta the night before and I’m more careful. Among other things, I love pasta. But I never experienced such bindings again. “.

Aren’t you a slave to the scale then?

“One thing I recommend to my friends, but to all women, is to throw it away. The scale is a bad tool, not because it tells you you’re fat but because you see yourself through a number and it doesn’t make sense. In the body, part of the fat, there is muscle mass, which weighs more if you have exercised, sometimes there are more fluids in a moment of retention. The number thwarts all efforts. No no, I gladly do without the scales”.

The body can sometimes become an obsession, especially among new generations, and pave the way for deep discomforts such as eating disorders. Some patterns of perfection still fail to be eradicated. Why?

“More than anything else, today you will understand what the model of perfection is. Now, there is exaggeration in the excesses. Before, the model was one, thinness, and there was the problem of anorexia. , because you find those who decide to have wide hips and crush their ribs wearing bustiers because there is the American, which is the case of those who follow another model. You constantly live in contact with a distorted reality. I am reality, I am a mirror of the world which I find marvelous because we have the possibility of seeing what is happening on the other side of the world, but the reality is different. I do not carry social networks, but I am a double cut weapon”.

They have surely amplified the weight of the image in society, unsurprisingly one of the most widespread forms of bullying today is body shaming. If your daughter was a victim, what would you do?

“I would take him to an expert. For example, I collaborate with Gabriel Fellus, a Krav Maga teacher who created a method to regain self-esteem and I assure you that it works. With any child I would have another approach, but I realize that as a mother I immediately lose my clarity and would not be able to give advice in such a situation”.

Your little girl is 9 years old. Is it important to have dietary rules at this age?

“Absolutely, but be careful, these are not necessarily rules but also advice. With Jamie, I have to say that when it comes to nutrition, I was lucky. One day, for example, we stopped in a bar, she had caught a bomb with her chocolate, I was making an appetizer with celery and carrot. At one point, she abandons her donut and begins to eat vegetables. She loves vegetables, she loves broccoli. She likes sweets but she doesn’t overdo it, so on nutrition I don’t need to dwell too much. Eat everything and foods that aren’t too fatty, maybe because I’m not very good at it and so I’ve made a virtue out of necessity. I have a very simple kitchen. There is no need to forbid me anything. , she is more sectarian than me”.

And with sports?

“I make her live it like a game. She goes to La Scala and now she teaches distance learning and hates stretching. When I propose to her in the form of a game, she does it. In my house there are a lot of things”, she climbs on the pole, or when my friends come I teach everyone to make a sandwich, or to climb fabrics. I realize that she likes to do everything while playing. “.

From April 5, you will be back on television with a new program.

“I have two passions, one is fitness and the other motor skills. These two new projects are starting together and I’m very happy with them”.

Would you ever do a reality TV show, or did they ever offer it to you and you said no?

“They offered me several times to do Big Brother Vip and Ile des Célèbres, but I always refused. I have a little girl and for me it would be torture. It’s me and her, then I’m a little general and I don’t know how much such a prolonged absence could do her any good”.

For the island, you would be perfect.

“I like the physical challenge and the rehearsal part, but I don’t know what I’d be like not eating. That scares me. You think I always walk around with chocolate because I have to be able to eat it if I like. »

What is the elixir of well-being for you?

“Take care of yourself in the little things. Don’t forget to drink, and while I’m telling you, I’m telling you, take your makeup off, keep your skin hydrated. Take care of our body. Sometimes we ask a lot. For example, I sleep little, I would like the day to last 40 hours, maybe I finish doing something at 1 a.m. and at 7 a.m. I am up, but I realize that in the long run It’s not good. body, we have only one.

And the secret to happiness?

“I can’t change what happens, but I can change my approach and the way I react. We have all survived separation and difficult times, what I have learned from those times is approach. I have maybe ten reasons to get angry. , cry or complain, but I will always find the one who says to me ‘ok, after all…’. 99 times out of 100 it works, then there is also the day when I put ‘closed for work in progress’. an elixir of happiness but it helps, the process determines a lot of things”.

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