Roxane Mesquida: her 10 beauty and well-being essentials

Roxane Mesquida: her 10 beauty and well-being essentials

She is glamorous, elegant and smiling. Soon to be featured in Méduse by Sophie Levy, in cinemas on October 26, 2022, Roxane Mesquida shares the secrets of her luminous beauty with us.

Former model successful (Elite, IMG), Roxane Mesquida was spotted in the cinema after filming for Gregg Araki (“Kaboom”), Catherine Breillat (“To my sister”), Kim Chapiron (“Sheitan”), Quentin Dupieux and Philippe Grandrieux. But the notoriety of the incendiary brunette exploded when she was given a role in season 5 of the American series Gossip Girl, at the age of 29. She made a sulphurous debut with Catherine Breillat, but it was in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and two children, that she established herself. If her beauty is a light that contrasts with sometimes very dark roles, the young actress has tastes to highlight it. The proof in 10 points..

1. Her skincare routine
Once a week, whatever happens, I exfoliate : my favourite, the OSMOCLEAN duo from the Institut Esthederm. It is very soft and does not irritate the skin.
Then, I apply their Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask, and finish with Sisley’s Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Contour Cream.
I recently discovered the La Mer pre-care lotion, I can’t live without it: it wakes you up! It’s like water that would be super hydrating. I also love Shiseido’s Skin Filler Serum and their Super Revitalizing Cream. You would have understood it, the most important thing for me is to have a well hydrated skin. Between the kids (I have two!) and the promo for the movie Medusa (in theaters October 26th), I really need a quick little boost, so I use Dr Jart masks a lot. I also use the Esthederm eye contour patches that I keep in the fridge for an even more tensor effect. Also I really like Charlotte Tilbury’s cryo recovery mask, I love the feeling of cold and the effect is pretty crazy. Finally, I have a Do It Yourself plan: I remove my makeup with olive oil ! I like ! It leaves the skin super soft and hydrated. I also make my own creams when I have the time! »

2. Her body treatment
“I only use one, it’s Caudalie’s Thé des Vignes nourishing body care. »

3. Her lip and hand care
“Organic Provencal honey pomade and Chanel red tinted moisturizing balm, a must. »

4. Her favorite perfume

“Right now I’m avoiding perfume because I’m still breastfeeding my baby, but I really like Elie Saab’s Girl of Now. »

5. Her hair rituals
“I always let them air dry then I apply a few drops of Christophe Robin’s prickly pear oil regenerating serum. If I have a little time, I straighten my hair, otherwise, they are naturally wavy. I love changing my hair color! I’m quite tempted by the redhead at the moment…”

6. Her beauty obsession
“Facial massages! I use the Sentara Rollerballs and Gua Sha a lot. »

7. Her perfect complexion

“The must-have Primer by Laura Mercier: a classic, I never part with it! A few drops of Odièle serum rose oil. I don’t like the foundation, I only use Laura Mercier camouflage on dark circles and imperfections or Nars Orgasm Liquid blush, pink with a golden shimmer. I have a golden rule: I never put on powder, it dries out the skin and accentuates fine lines. The products I use are in cream or liquid texture. My favorite mascara is the Dior show! I’ve been using it forever! And on the lipstick side, I have so many! I would say the Rouge Coco pen by Chanel in Roman, Ruby Woo by Mac, the Rouge velvet edition by Bourjois, the Rosso Valentino by Valentino Beauty…”

8. Her fitness tips
“I can’t do without my Matcha iced tea with coconut milk every morning to attack the day! I have a sports coach that I saw even when I was pregnant. And I try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day! And breastfeeding standing up while cradling my baby, that’s sport! My arms have become very muscular haha. »

9. His diet
“I’m celiac (gluten intolerance, a chronic intestinal disease, editor’s note), so I learned to use other flours like chestnut, quinoa etc… I cook a lot, I love it. »

10. Her anti-stress trick… and her rant
“To decompress, I use a Be cool herbal tea from Kusmi tea. Especially when I see photos of girls with contouring on social media, I hate it. We are all unique, that’s the beauty! With contouring, everyone ends up looking the same. »

Photo credits: Eric Guillemain

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