how to avoid them and make them disappear?

how to avoid them and make them disappear?

Everything you need to know about heat rashes to better avoid them

This skin irritation comes in the form of a button and is mainly due to the strong heat. Indeed, one of the causes of the appearance of these pimples in a baby, a child or an adult is a excessive sweating which clogs the sweat glands.

The formation of heat rashes

This mild skin irritation affects both children and adults. Humidity and heat are the main culprits of this inconvenience. These two factors play a central role in the blockage of sweat ducts, responsible for the elimination of perspiration. These blocked channels cause small red pimples, called vesicles. Loaded with fluids, these heat rashes trigger severe itching.

What are the characteristics of these rashes?

Pink or red lesions have taken place on your skin? Itching is uncomfortable and you’ll love relief irritation and tingling ? First check that it is indeed heat rash before considering applying a cream or resorting to any other treatment. The heat buttons do not present a priori no risk to your health, but these irritations are uncomfortable and can scratch. They can also be a sign of another pathology.

Heat rashes are recognized by a fairly precise clinical picture. This skin irritation is characterized by redness, slight inflammation, a burning sensation when rubbing the skin and the appearance of a few vesicles, rarely itchy.

Where do heat rashes mainly occur?

Did you know that heat rashes are much more common in babies and young children? Indeed, the appearance of these irritations occurs mainly in the baby skin folds. The newborn has still immature sweat ducts. These, unable to completely manage the evacuation of perspiration, are not sufficiently effective in the event of an increase in temperature.

On which area of ​​the body does the heat rash spread?

In a slightly older child, heat rashes take place on a specific body area such as the neck, chest and torso. Heat rashes and redness also develop in skin folds in the armpits, groin and also in the hollow of the knees.

Heat rash treatments

Have a few heat rashes appeared on your body? Act quickly toprevent spread and severe itching. Some tips and remedies can help you make them disappear and have a more comfortable summer.

Get rid of the heat buttons already installed

Heat buttons are installed on specific parts of your body ? It’s high time to take matters into your own hands:

  • let your skin air dry;
  • do not cover the area concerned, or only a little;
  • clean and disinfect your skin ;
  • refrain from rubbing heat rashes or risk infecting them;
  • apply baking soda or talcum powder to calm inflamed areas of your body.

Natural remedies to counter the appearance of heat rashes

For reduce the itching somewhatapply ice cubes or cold water a few minutes on the heat rash. This action does not eradicate heat rashes, but will relieve you for a moment. Also consider applyingaloe vera, with indisputable virtues. This powerful anti-inflammatory is applied in the form of a gel on well-cleansed skin, 2 to 3 times a day. L’Jojoba essential oil also helps reduce redness.

To prevent the appearance of those unsightly heat rashes, opt for intense cleansing and hydration of your skin. Use preferably natural products. Forget about using ointments or lotions that could quickly clog the channels and precipitate skin inflammation.

Prevention of heat rashes

Heat rashes appear because you sweat more than usual. The temperature rise and the more pronounced exposure to sunshine also play an essential role. To reduce the spread of heat rashes, it is important to reduce the excessive sweating phenomenon. To do this :

  • reduce your physical activity, especially when your body is subjected to high heat;
  • limit sun exposure in general;
  • shower regularly to refresh yourself.

Other tricks limit appearance of heat rash unsightly and uncomfortable.

  1. Wear loose clothing, cotton or linen, so that the skin can breathe and sweat evaporates easily.
  2. Thoroughly dry each area of ​​your body after swimming or showering.
  3. Remember that flawless personal hygiene prevents your sweat pores from clogging.
  4. Ventilate the rooms you are in as much as possible.
  5. Consume essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation.

The risks associated with heat rashes

A heat rash is a mild inflammation of the skin. Whether this rash occurs in a baby, child, or adult, the care provided is the same. However, due to severe itching, the excessively scraped gallbladder can become infected and the inflammation persist.

Signs of worsening heat rash

If you take care of your skin regularly and follow some wise advice, the heat rash will disappear almost as it came. Sometimes this pimple gets infected and becomes more inflamed. Here are the symptoms that confirm that your heat rashes escalate.

Have you noticed a discharge of pus? Are you prone to fever and chills? Your lymph nodes are swollen ? You are probably suffering from bacterial infection. It is essential to consult your doctor or a dermatologist quickly.

The lesions become pustular? Are you exhausted and having longer and longer episodes of fever? Can’t sweat anymore? You may need adapt the basic treatment or take antibiotics. In addition, a similar erythema can be caused by many pathologies. You might as well check if these buttons are not the sign of another disease.

Heat stroke: a serious complication in children

Does your child suffer from heat rash? His sweat ducts are completely clogged. These sweating disorders impact your baby’s body, which can no longer regulate its temperature as it should. This problem can lead tochild exhaustion and cause real heatstroke. Check your child’s temperature regularly. Too much increase can damage organs and create serious complications.

Other skin manifestations not to be confused with heat rash

The rash is part of many symptoms associated with diseases diverse and varied. Pimples often look the same, but are not treated in the same way. Clearly identifying what you are suffering from is essential to providing the appropriate care and recovering as soon as possible.

Various skin rashes

Don’t confuse heat rash with other skin concerns. Allergies sometimes cause hives or eczema. L’baby acne also causes redness and pimples on the body. However, this inflammation is simply due to excessive sebum production and is treated differently.

The well-known chickenpox, and measles, highly contagious, are characterized by itching and the appearance of red pustules. Be careful not to confuse heat rash and childhood diseases.

The appearance of mycosis in the skin folds

The combination of heat, sweat, friction and maceration is meant to be fertile ground for theinstallation of mycosis. You have to take quite different care of your skin if you have it. L’personal hygiene appears to be a key to healing, just like for heat rashes. However, complementary treatments prove to be essential to eradicate these fungi.

The different miliary eruptions

ofother rashes can occur and are treated differently. L’crystal miliary eruption occurs against a background of increased body heat caused by a point fever. The pores of the skin are then unable to handle this excessive sweat. Vesicles appear on the flank and stomach of people. This infection disappears spontaneously within a few hours.

L’red mile rash is also caused by channels located a little deeper in the skin. Water retention in the dermis causes tingling due to irritated papules. Finally, thedeep miliary eruption is due to a greater obstruction of sweat in the dermis. It gives rise to large and deep papules all over the surface of the body.

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