Micellar water: why and how to adopt it?

Micellar water: why and how to adopt it?

Micellar water has never been so popular. Very refreshing, it rivals efficiency and softness. We tell you all about the great star of make-up removal.

For good Remove makeup, everyone has their own preference. But there is a product that continues to gain followers, it is themicellar water. Recommended by dermatologists and acclaimed by make-up artists, it has become an essential part of our beauty routine. It removes make-up, eliminates sebum and impurities without stripping the skin. But what exactly is it and how do you use it? We take stock.

What is micellar water?

Micellar water was created in 1991 by Bioderma laboratories who wanted a gentle make-up remover for the most sensitive skin. In three decades, it has established itself among consumers and is even used to quickly eliminate beauty enhancements during Fashion Week shows. His particuliarity ? The micelles who compose it. Both hydrophilic and lipophilic, these surfactant particles make it possible to associate oil and water and cling to everything that is on the surface of the skin. They act like magnets on makeup and impurities. Micellar water is known to respect the pH of the skin and is suitable for everyone. And for good reason, it contains neither soap nor perfume. An ideal formulation that leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin.

Is micellar water good for the skin?

If used correctly, and only if, micellar water is good for the skin. First of all, it should not be used alone but theincorporate into a cleansing routine overall. Otherwise, there is a risk of having poorly cleansed and therefore dull skin. Often considered too aggressive, micellar water is nevertheless the cleaning product containing the least surfactant. What can irritate the skin while using it is rubbing the soaked cotton pads too hard. So that the micelles have time to act, you must leave the cotton on the areas to be removed and rub very gently. In order to avoid any problem, it is best to choose a specific formula according to your skin type. There are today some for oily skin with acne tendency, redness, dry skin… At the level of rinsing, opinions differ. If the mention “without rinsing” appears on most bottles, it is recommended to micellar water rinse. Especially if bubbles or foam forms when shaking the bottle. For example, you can finish with a spray of thermal water before moving on to the hydration stage. The main thing is to listen to your skin.

1time stage

We start with eye make-up removal. First, we pour the micellar water on a cotton pad, preferably washable, and gently place it on the eye. After applying light pressure for the product to take effect, slide the cotton from the inside out. It is possible to repeat the gesture several times to ensure that there is no makeup residue. Then, we proceed to make-up removal from the lower lashes by opening the eyes.

2e stage

Caution, sensitive area! Make-up removal from the lips must be carried out as gently as that of the eyes. We soak a cotton ball with micellar water before placing it on the mouth. To gently remove lipstick, move from the inside out. Do not hesitate to use several cotton pads, especially if it is a dark or long-lasting lipstick.

“How to use micellar water”

3e stage

Same operation for removing make-up from the complexion. Gently slide the cotton over the entire face, without forgetting the neck. And above all, we make back and forth movements without pressing too much. The goal ? No longer have any trace of make-up on the cotton.

4e stage

Last step, and not least, we rinse the micellar water with a spray of thermal water. The skin is now clean, soft and ready to receive nourishing care.

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