sounds can help us express our emotions

Gong sonothérapie

Richard Cassonet was not, however, predestined to treat. He has spent most of his career in the world of advertising and marketing. So, how do we go from advertising, where we condition people to consume, to the opposite, to free themselves from it? First of all, thanks to travels around the world, from an early age, during which he met many shamans, whether in Africa or in the Amazon, monks in Tibet, even if, at first, the goal is to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and his curiosity.

Shortly before his 50th birthday, five of his best friends died in just three months. There, it is the awareness: “I said to myself: the next one will be me”, recalls Richard Cassonet. Shortly after, the therapist receives an energetic massage from a friend as he prepares to undergo a dreaded surgery.

Overcome blockages

And there is the revelation, a discovery. “I wanted to understand. So, I went to Japan to learn reiki, to understand it and to appropriate it completely. I realized that I could help people. I learned hypnosis, EMDR…” Enriched with other techniques according to client requests.

“It subconsciously reminds us of things attached to our reptilian brain, it’s in our DNA”

If Richard Cassonet works a lot in connection with nature, through silvotherapy, inking, he sets up care strategies with many tools that accompany these methods: gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, the tuning forks, the song, the mantras, “everything that is vibrations that will come out of our body through the songs, which will bring our rib cage to life; and the sounds that will also echo back. The sound of the gongs is above all the earth sound, the famous “Om” that we find in yoga, it unconsciously reminds us of things attached to our reptilian brain, it is in our DNA”, explains the professional. .

Some people come for hypnosis for phobias or to quit smoking. But some, “who are very blocked, will not react to hypnosis, that’s why I use the gong to reach altered states of consciousness. Like hypnosis, but in a much simpler way. And when the unconscious is open, we can stop smoking, we manage to get rid of phobias.”

Sounds that clean

The gong baths will cleanse all the cells of the body, the bad words, the stress, the aggressions, the bad thoughts and words that we receive, which stagnate in the belly. And there, everyone will react differently: “Some people will have dreams, others travel, sometimes trances, which are very interesting states to treat. We then share what we have experienced, felt.”


The gong baths are organized every full moon, “because the Moon affects the water, the tides, and our body is 70% water so we are much more receptive at that time”. Richard Cassonnet also offers calmer, softer sessions, kinds of sound massages, which will allow people to relax, a form of well-being which will be softer, this time during the rising Moon, signifying renewal, the Renaissance.

It is also possible to work with crystal. “Crystal has a relationship with memory, which is found in computers, telephones. And there too, these memories that we have in us, in our cells, will react. When we play with a person, the crystal will take the memory of this person. There are frequencies that will make her react.”

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