what does this mean for curvy women?

what does this mean for curvy women?

Kim Kardashian 2022 Slim: Today we’ll be talking about the celebrity we all love to hate all the time. If you check your daily news every day, scroll through Instagram, or just log on to YouTube, you can’t go through your day without seeing Something on she. The Kardashians have always been controversial, but this time there’s no sex tape. This time we are going to talk about Kim Kardashian’s weight loss and its effect on society. Yes, it is that important and even if it sounds ridiculous, we are going to tell you why.

kim kardashian skinny

Kim Kardashian 2022 thin: everything you need to know

Okay, we got it. A person’s weight loss should not be so significant. But what happens when that person is revered by millions of people around the world and is setting trends with the slightest of their actions? We’re going to talk about why and how Kim K lost all that weight, the dress that started it all, and its effects on society. Take this as a brief character study not only of her, but also of us as followers. Even if you don’t follow Kim, you can’t deny the weight of her social presence… Basically, everywhere. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this somewhat bizarre and controversial subject about the female body.

Kim K Diet

Kim Kardashian weight loss before after

Here are two photos of Kim K taken five years apart in the Late Late Show with James Cordon. You may find this shocking, because Kim K has always been the epitome of the quintessential curvaceous woman…well, with a lot of obvious surgical interference. But I digress! She sparked interest in the late 2000s with her curves, back when being skinny was the norm and if you weren’t, you were just fat. Harsh words, but the 2000s were a tough time for many of us. Then came acceptance. And we all started enjoying our curves and walking out with our heads held high without fear of being humiliated. However… What does Kim K’s weight loss change in this situation? Why is the first photo of her praised and the second shot derided? Body standards are constantly evolving, and when she was a curvy icon, she was meant to stay that way… An icon with smooth curves, generous hips and a voluminous chest. The male dream. Do you understand where I’m coming from? However, you shouldn’t forever conform to societal norms if it means you’ll be unhappy. Even if you created them. Anyway, let’s get to the point.

The scandal around the dress of Marilyn Monroe: the why

Marilyn Monroe Kim Kardashian Dress

Why and how did Kim Kardashian lose weight? Well, it all started with the Met Gala and the famous dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK. She was brilliant, sexy, very controversial and eclipsed the stars of this eventful evening. So when the theme for the 2022 Met Gala was announced (which 90% of people failed horribly to embody), Kim K thought, “What could be more American than Marilyn singing for JFK?” “. She therefore resolved to wear her dress and lose 8 kg in three weeks to be up to it. In fact, she barely managed to fit into the dress and damaged it, which shocked many people. However, she was still able to wear it on the red carpet for about 5 minutes. Sure enough, we understand why Kim would want to feel the same way and get in touch with the story. Nevertheless, we all think she shouldn’t have. But that’s basically the kick-off to her rapid weight loss. If you’re curious how she pulled it off, keep reading. However, we strongly advise you not to follow a drastic diet that will surely make you unhappy.

Before telling you what the Kim Kardashian Diet is, we feel compelled to warn you about the very possible problems associated with it. What Kim did in three weeks is called a “shock diet” and is strongly discouraged by doctors and nutritionists around the world. Why ? Because a shock diet, that is to say a drastic reduction in calories without giving the body time to adapt, is detrimental to health. Not only physical, but also mental. And it can even have a bad effect: you can start binging (see binge eating) and feeling more miserable than ever. Even if she succeeded, that doesn’t mean everyone will. Our bodies are fragile and must be treated with care. Now that it’s done, here’s what she ate!

kim kardashian 2022 slim

What Kim ate for three weeks and supposedly continues to this day is pretty clean. It’s basically about not consuming carbs, sugar, and eating clean, while exercising and drinking plenty of water. (Don’t exceed 2.5 liters a day, as water poisoning is a bigger threat than you think). Kim eats plant-based foods and has been a vegan since 2019. But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat meat, because it will give you a lot of energy. No one has the star’s day-by-day menu, but what she said is pretty much what it is. A very restrictive diet.

Why is weight loss important?

Kim Kardashian dress puts gala

First of all, the reasons why a woman gains or loses weight is nobody’s business. As a society, we have failed miserably at making women feel beautiful and accepted. Because fatphobia is real and skinny shaming is even more so, we just can’t win. If you go back and look at women’s body standards over the decades…you’ll notice that every 10 or 20 years or so they’ve changed. First the plump women, then the thin women. There is a curious pattern that we can all notice. And at the start, we talked about how important Kim’s weight loss is to society. Due to her status and popularity around the world, she sets an example for impressionable young women. And that’s not all, being thin is good, just like having curves. The negative connotations that come with both, the constant comparison and the feeling of not being good enough is the problem here. And always have been. You see, men don’t have it easy. But, compared to women, they are not the ones who are constantly objectified and who feel that their value is linked to their body.

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