Chamomile tea, the secret to reducing wrinkles

Chamomile tea, the secret to reducing wrinkles

To have beautiful skin, you have to take care of yourself inside and out! Our lifestyle and our diet have a strong impact on the quality of our skin. It is important to drink enough water, eat a balanced diet and exercise. While anti-aging creams are of course essential for hydrating and firming the skin, there is another natural solution and very easy to reduce wrinkles.

Reduce blood sugar to avoid wrinkles

This is what Jessie Inchauspé explains on her website Glucose Godess ! This biochemist followed by more than a million people on Instagram is the author of the bestselling novel Glucose Revolutionin which she explains the impact of blood sugar on our health and physical appearance. Thus, to avoid wrinkles, it is essential to pay attention to the blood sugar spikes !

“Peaks in blood sugar levels, following the ingestion of sugar, generate 3 physiological processes: insulin secretion, inflammation, accelerated aging. And these 3 processes are the basis of: food cravings, constant hunger, fatigue, aging, wrinkles, acne, sleep disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome.” says Jessie Inchauspé.

Chamomile, the anti-wrinkle ally

To fight against the appearance of wrinklesit is necessary to identify foods that increase blood sugar but also promote blood sugar regulating foods. And one of the most effective would be chamomile ! Anti-wrinklesanti-fatigue and anti-cellulite, there are many benefits of this plant. The biochemist shared on her Instagram account the results of a survey conducted on the consumption of chamomile for 8 weeks. The results are impressive, as the study indeed showed that the consumption of chamomile herbal tea reduced participants’ glucose levels by 11% and insulin levels by 32%.

The plant power are often underestimated, and according to Jessie, chamomile has three great virtues that explain such results:

  • It reduces the rate of transformation of carbohydrates into glucose
  • It has a high level of antioxidants which reduce inflammation
  • It reduces the amount of glucose absorbed by the intestine

It can be consumed in herbal tea, with why not cinnamon or ginger, which also have many health benefits, especially in winter. But you can also opt for the extract or thechamomile essential oil. It is a plant that can give sleep, which makes it a good herbal tea to sleep well, especially for people who suffer from insomnia for example. It is therefore recommended to consume one cup a day after dinner, before going to bed.

All that remains is to add chamomile tea to our routine, provided of course that we do not add sugar!

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