Avène Thermal Spring Water: Always committed to Pink October

Avène Thermal Spring Water: Always committed to Pink October

Once again this year, Avène is investing forcefully and kindly in helping patients with breast cancer through actions that bring care and meaning to their daily lives.

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In France, breast cancer remains the most common pathology in women in oncology with some 60,000* new cases each year, 10% of which concern women under 40**. A disease which, in addition to its repercussions on the general state of health, is not without consequences on the psychological, family, professional sphere… Throughout the year, the action of the Avène Dermatological Laboratory allows patients to feel better about themselves with exchanges and information on the site and social networks, but also with soothing and repairing skin products, as well as a post-cancer cure at the Avène Thermal Center. In October, the brand’s support remained unwavering for medical research and support for patients and their families.

*Source: INCa 2018, Cancer figures.

**Source: http://www.jeuneetrose.fr/le-cancer-du-sein-chez-la-jeune-femme


Expert in dermatology and highly invested in oncology, Avène offers solutions to reduce and soothe skin lesions associated with cancer therapies. First, with high-security dermocosmetic products, prescribed by doctors and dispensed in pharmacies, adapted to everyone’s needs. Redness, dryness, scars… can be relieved thanks to comfortable and sensory textures. The ingredients are chosen for their effectiveness and maximum tolerance.


1/ Thermal Water Spray: Soothes in a few sprays the most weakened skins.


2/ XeraCalm AD Lipid-Replenishing Balm : Combats dryness and calms itching due to drug treatments.


3/ Cicalfate+ protective repair cream: Promotes skin repair.


4/ Tolérance Control Restorative Soothing Cream : particularly suitable for sensitive skin, it strengthens the skin barrier, calms, hydrates.

Then, with the post-cancer treatment at the Center Thermal Avène.

Bought in 1975 by the Pierre Fabre Group, the Centre, drawing on its expertise in the care of dermatological conditions, takes care of patients affected by cancer. It is in a warm and enveloping atmosphere that the medico-thermal team welcomes its patients who find skin comfort but also psychological well-being.


On the occasion of Pink October, Avène encourages women on its social networks to get tested and follow the live intended for self-examination of the breasts.

On his Facebook, always with a view to mutual aid and benevolence, the brand (although remaining muted) offers people affected by cancer and their loved ones a space for discussion via a private group. It also provides spa guests with a patient guide which provides advice on the course of the post-cancer Cure, the care adapted to each skin problem… The brochure is also distributed in the “onco kits” given to the hospital and/or in the pharmacy with samples of the 5 references the brand’s most emblematic products*.

*Cicalfate, Thermal Spring Water, Xeracalm Balm and Cleansing Oil and Sunsimed KA.


In October, Avène supports, as it has done since 2017, Everyone Against Cancer and “L’Échappée Rose”, the first mobile wellness institute in France. The principle ? A converted 60’s American caravan that goes from one hospital to another and receives women (patients, companions or caregivers), children and also men for personalized beauty advice, massages, hand and face care, corrective make-up… 45 minutes of pure letting go with a socio-esthetician, not to mention 15-minute sessions for health professionals. In 2022, by purchasing the limited edition Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray (€6.99, 300ml) you are also supporting the “L’Échappée Rose” association!

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