Humorous docu-show “The beauty of the sexes”, November 25, 2022, .

Humorous docu-show “The beauty of the sexes”

2022-11-25 21:00:00 – 2022-11-25 22:00:00

EUR Comedy Docu-Show
on the occasion of the international day for the fight against violence against women, organized by the association Vivre au Féminin,

A show-investigation, for adults and teenagers from 14 years old, which asks the question: how to educate about gender equity?
This show wants to open the discussion on the stereotypes that we carry and of which we are not aware in the education of children, the relationship to oneself, to one’s body, to the other, in the couple, sexuality, the relationship of domination, the intimate link…

This show includes excerpts from the SVT course that you would have dreamed of receiving in college: how menstruation works, the female hormonal cycle, male hormonal cycles, the clitoris…
With the aim of better understanding each other and giving ways to talk about it more lightly with our children, young or old.
We propose with gentleness and passion to look at the relationship between man and woman with new reading grids to become the women and men we want to be. Also becoming the fathers and mothers we want to be.
We conducted interviews with around forty very different people: midwives, feminist men, construction workers, housewives, heads of establishments, husbands with little presence, involved fathers, teenagers, grandmothers…

Inspired by books:
The messy woman – Amandine Dhée
Just men – Yvan Jablonka
We are all feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Crocodiles – Thomas Mathieu
Sexperience – Isabelle Filliozat and Margot Fried-Filliozat
…This energetic, fast-paced show explores a multitude of codes of
theatrical play with humour, lightness and inventiveness.

A show-puzzle whose aim is not to give answers, but to
To ask questions !
-Do I have representations of what a boy and a girl should be?
-What are the models that inspire our ways of being boy/girl and woman/man?
-How to reinvent our femininities / our masculinities, our parenthoods after Me Too?
-How to react to street attacks?
– How to team up between women and men to move forward?
– …
It is a sincere look for women to understand themselves better and to understand men better. It’s a bold look for men to understand themselves better and to understand women better. With concrete avenues for taking small steps, outside – or inside –
great plans that society offers us.
We also hope that La Beauté des Sexes encourages people to continue the quest by reading, exchanging, listening, watching… This is why the references that inspired the show are available to continue the reflection with this interactive bibliography:

In partnership with the CCAS as part of the Tournus VIF Network, supported by the Department, Parents 71 and the CCMT.

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