Confidences of Castello Lukeba

Confidences of Castello Lukeba

A pure product of the Lyon team, Castello Lukeba has turned a real corner since last season and today he is one of the key elements in Peter Bosz’s squad. Only 19 years old, the number 4 of Les Gones impresses, in particular due to his extreme maturity and his calm ball at the foot. The opportunity to express themselves on their models.

Trained at OL and forfeited to Lens on Sunday evening in Ligue 1, he gave an interview for the magazine ‘World Eleven.’ In this interview he talks about his models and the young Lyonnais has always been a great admirer of Barça legend Carles Puyol. ” The very first defender I looked at was Carles Puyol. I really liked Barça de Guardiola. I like his mentality, he has a champion mentality, he doesn’t give up, he has leadership. There are also players like Sergio Ramos or Thiago Silva, who have quite a track record. I watched them, and before each match, I watched them on Youtube. It motivated me, I told myself that I had to reproduce the same thing. The action of Carles Puyol in one against one and without a goalkeeper marked me. He’s alone in the box and 90% of the time the striker puts it and you can’t do anything, but he still manages to save it because he defends very well hands behind his back. Today, I watch less videos even if it can happen to me. » Finished the central defender of OL under contract in the Rhône until June 2025.

Castello then mentioned the transfer window and today his price is estimated at nearly 20 million euros by the specialized site ‘Transfermarkt. Here is what it reveals regarding its market value. “On told me that I was worth that amount. I don’t know if it’s really significant, I don’t pay too much attention to it. What matters is the ground. » The message is clear !

Lacazette – Tolisso, a non-negligible experience

During this interview, Castello also spoke about his relationship with the duo Alexandre Lacazette – Corentin Tolisso back at the club during the last summer transfer window. He is very honored to play in the same group as the former Arsenal and Bayern Munich players. ” I had this look of a child telling myself that they were in the center and now they are on top, I wanted to do the same. Now I play with them, it’s a pleasure. On a daily basis, they advise us, bring us their experience. I’m glad they’re back. What struck me about them is their professionalism: they are there very early, they leave very late, they take care of their bodies. I tell myself that these are things you have to do to be at a very high level.

They give me a lot of advice. Whether on or off the field, we talk a lot together. They try to help me, to be the best version of myself. Honestly, thanks to them. Alex, on the field, wants me to play with him all the time (laughs). He always wants me to find him, whenever I can. If he is unmarked and I can put him, I do it, but there are also other players. » Completed our issue 4.

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