Marlène Schiappa and Sylvie Tellier in the happiness truck for cancer patients in Orléans

Marlène Schiappa et Sylvie Tellier dans le camion du bonheur pour les malades du cancer à Orléans

The Good Fairies truck; the truck of sweetness and confidences. A pink body; inside, a table for facial and body treatments; a space for applying nail polish or suitable make-up.

“We can also give advice on wearing wigs”, adds Sylvie Tellier, the former general manager of the Miss France company behind this initiative. Eighteen former Miss France have joined the association.

The itinerant truck of the Good fairies, parked this Friday, October 7, rue Royale in Orléans, that’s all that. “The socio-beautician is there to tell women to take care of themselves medically but also psychologically.”

“It is important to get tested”

This truck had criss-crossed the region all week, passing through Châteauroux, Déols…”We are opening houses of the Good Fairies in cancer centres. For Pink October, we wanted to meet women with this traveling truck” insists Sylvie Tellier.

Inauguration of the traveling truck

Affected by cancer, the president of the Roses of Jeanne in turn accompanies the patients of Giennois

Meet them to raise awareness, also, of the importance of mammograms and self-examinations. “It’s important to get tested. The earlier it is taken, the more successfully it can be cured. Going for a mammogram, doing a self-examination is very important” underlined yesterday, Marlène Schiappa, Secretary of State in charge of the social and solidarity economy and associative life.

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“Helping women who are going through hardship”

So she crossed paths with this itinerant vehicle. “It’s a great initiative of female solidarity on the part of Sylvie Tellier and the Misses. It helps women who are going through an ordeal; to make sure that they leave the disease aside a little when they return to the house of the Good Fairieslet them reconnect with their bodies.”

It remains to be seen whether this truck will return to Orléans. For now, this is not planned. It will continue its journey in other regions.

Nicolas Da Cunha


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