The interview with diver Tom Daley, first male ambassador of the makeup brand Rimmel

The interview with diver Tom Daley, first male ambassador of the makeup brand Rimmel

In fashion, we know well Tom Daley. The young British diving champion, whose track record is enough to impress anyone interested in the sport, also enjoys international popularity. If his talents for knitting (especially by the pool at the last Olympics) made him the crush of an entire generation, his sense of style illustrated with great fanfare of sharp photoshoots convinced the industry. When he answers our call and turns the webcam towards him, revealing a pink cardigan and a pearl necklace, we understand that the young man has established himself in stylish circles. But this time, it is in another universe that the athlete has decided to immerse himself. At 28, he becomes everything first male ambassador from the cult British beauty brand Rimmel. A prestigious status that also resonates with the convictions and desire for visibility of this ultra-committed activist. Meet the coolest beauty muse of the moment.

Our interview with Tom Daley

Hello Tom! Congratulations on your new role as Rimmel Ambassador! What does this represent for you?

For me, having grown up seeing all of Rimmel’s TV commercials and all of the iconic people who have held this role before me, it’s really exciting to be the brand’s first male ambassador. Rimmel wants to spread a message of inclusivity and show that makeup is for everyone, that beauty doesn’t need to align with society’s vision of it. There are subtleties, it can be something that has the power to give you confidence… Rimmel has also managed to cover 99% of skin tones, which takes inclusivity to a new level.

What is your relationship with makeup? Do you remember the first time you put on makeup?

It was when I started doing photoshoots and TV sets, when I was made up so as not to shine. That’s how I started my relationship with makeup. Gradually, I realized that there were simple ways for boys, if we go out at parties for example, to be the best version of themselves. I don’t wear makeup every day, I don’t apply it to buy my bread and my milk, but if I go to a dinner or an event, then yes. I love that it’s for a special occasion. I make sure it’s subtle, that people don’t necessarily notice. Something very natural…

What techniques do you use?

It depends how tired I look *laughs*. My advice to people new to makeup, especially men who just want to experiment with it, is to mix the product with a moisturizer to soften the effect. That’s how I started when I started doing my own makeup!

You have always been a very committed person, a true activist. Is this role of ambassador another way of expressing your commitment?

Yes. I think it’s important for issues of visibility, so that young people growing up don’t have the same norms around gender, the same stereotypes and the same barriers that we had. When I was young, you never saw a man become an ambassador or muse for a brand like Rimmel. It’s good to see the beauty industry moving in this direction.

What would you like to say to all the men who don’t dare to take the plunge yet?

All the men you look up to who are in the public sphere, when they’re doing photoshoots, when they’re on TV, wear makeup, whether they say so or not. For me, the idea is to make the thing mainstream : yes, people can wear make-up, it doesn’t necessarily have to be flamboyant, it can also be subtle, small touches that give self-confidence!

You mentioned earlier all the prestigious names who have embodied Rimmel, I am thinking of Kate Moss for example… How does it feel to follow in their footsteps?

It just seems unreal. I met Kate Moss in 2009 for a photoshoot with her for Italian Vogue. At the time I was studying photography for my general secondary school leaving certificate and she let me photograph her for my school project, it was amazing…

Do you have beauty inspirations, people who inspire you?

Actually, I think it’s my mother. She’s a person who exudes a natural beauty, she always does things with subtlety, that’s something I like about her makeup. When I go to an event or a photoshoot, I always want to look as natural as possible because that’s how my mom is.

Is there a beauty product that never leaves you?

If we are talking about a beauty product that is not part of a skincare routine, then it is without hesitation the foundation Match Perfection by Rimmel. It’s something I use on photoshoots and when I need a little boost of confidence. It makes me feel a little more like myself to be honest.

Match Perfection Foundation, Rimmel London, €12.90

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