10 contenders for the 37th edition of Miss Beauty Black

10 contenders for the 37th edition of Miss Beauty Black

The countdown has begun for the 2022-2023 edition of Miss Beauté Noire. 10 candidates will compete for the title on Saturday October 29 at 8:30 p.m. at Le Lamentin. Who will succeed Julia Couturier, the last winner?

The 37th edition of Miss Beauté Noire promises an exceptional show with 10 contenders selected after several castings in July 2022 at Trois ilets.

The 10 contenders

The youngest is 17 years old and the oldest, 24 years old.

No. 1 Jenna / 20 years old – 1m 80 – Fort de France

No. 2 Leyanna / 20 years old – 1m 80 – Schoelcher

No. 3 Aurélie / 24 years old – 1m 72 – Sainte-Marie

No. 4 Keyranne / 17 years old – 1m 70 – Fort de France

No. 5 Cloe / 21 years old – 1m 70 – Vauclin

No. 6 Clarysse / 18 years old – 1m 65 – Ducos

No. 7 Annia / 18 years old – 1m 72 – Vauclin

No. 8 Lovaïna / 18 years old – 1m 73 – Lamentin

No. 9 Tracy / 19 years old – 1m 78 – Rivière-Salée

No. 10 Constance / 17 years old – 1m 80 – Holy Spirit

On Saturday October 29, 2022, one of them will be the new Miss Black Beauty.

Our representatives must be able to know the country. We have made the discovery of mangroves (Génipa, Rivière-Pilote), kayaking, buggy and nautical excursions in Carayou. We interested them on the course of Mango fil, the shooting center of Rivière Pilote, the practice of bowling. Miss Beauté Noire must have a cultural and heritage knowledge, hence the multiplication of visits to sites such as the Eco Museum of Anse Figuier, the palm grove of Doctor Pastel in Rivière-Pilote.

Yves Gérard – designer of Miss Beauty Black

This election favors the black woman as a whole, her physical beauty, her intellectual qualities, the beauty of the face, that of the body, elegance, oral expression and the enhancement of a theme.

This show will take place in 4 tables, with the presentation of the candidates will be a fashion show on the theme of Urban style.

Another table of the competition features beachwear with the parade in swimsuits. The third remains the theme presentation. Each candidate must present something about the black world as a whole (history, past or present events, highlights, tradition, culture).

The final tableau will take place on the theme of a thousand and one nights.

The voting gives points to the candidates and is added to the marks given by the jury on the evening of the election. It will be open until election night. To vote for the candidate of your choice, type MISSBN followed by her number at 97000 on your mobile (0.99CTS, the unit plus the cost of the SMS). For mainland France, same instructions to send to 72018.

In this contest, there is no deliberation, it is the total of the points which gives the winner, the Miss and her runners-up. Accessory prizes are awarded by the jury, such as the theme prize, the voting prize, the modeling prize, the photogenic prize, not forgetting the prize for the best video.


Yves Gérard designer of Miss Beauty Black

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