Alencon. Running to heal your mind and body: “revenge” against breast cancer

Alencon.  Running to heal your mind and body: "revenge" against breast cancer

Veronique Pelleray Alencon
After the Galopades, Véronique Pelleray signed up for Les Elles de l’Orne. A revenge on the disease. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Discovering a lump under her breast was the first shock. Hear the doctor say the word cancer was the second.

Veronique Pelleray was leading a life she considered healthy. the sport was part of his daily life.

But for a year, the one who lives Alencon (Orne) had to take a break, forget everything else to focus on just one thing: overcoming this breast cancer that was eating away at her from the inside.

It’s like being on a starting line. We set ourselves a goal, to go all the way, even if it’s painful, difficult.

Veronique Pelleray

“We choose to fight”

Running is often experienced as a challenge to oneself. No doubt this helped Véronique, 65, to get through this period.

It was in January 2021. This famous day when his fingers encountered this unwanted ball. Suddenly the brain races, panic. Everything then went on, the consultations with the specialists, the operation, the rays, the chemo… The one who ran Alencon-Medavy nine times, gallops eleven times, leads a new fight. Against herself.

I have always loved sports. And it was a colleague, when I was a teacher, who introduced me to running. We ran together, it’s more convivial.

Veronique Pelleray

The atmosphere of the race seduces her, the camaraderie among the participants too. Feeling in great shape, she did not see this tripping coming, of which life has the secret. Especially since six months earlier, the mammogram was perfect.

“My first question to the doctor was: Why, how? Then we choose to fight. We don’t have a choice anyway. »

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“It’s me without being me”

Véronique leaves her sneakers aside. But with the hope of putting them back on as quickly as possible.

It was my goal, to resort, to do sports again. It helped me.

Veronique Pelleray

The athlete’s mind becomes her best ally.

She allows herself to run a little before the operation and a few weeks before the chemo begins in June.

At that time, I started to lose my hair, it was very hard. They fell in handfuls… On the other hand, I didn’t have too much pain or nausea.

Veronique Pelleray

Did his good constitution play a role? She thinks so, “in any case, I had no other illnesses to treat or to take into consideration in the treatments. »

Scarves are now part of her wardrobe as well as wigs.

Today my hair has grown back but it’s different. You also have to accept yourself with this new face. It’s me, without being me.

Veronique Pelleray

Support the League Against Cancer

In October of last year, she was at the start of Les Elles de l’Orne, for the march. A sporting event designed to raise awareness among women of all generations of the importance of breast cancer screening.

“A first victory! exclaims the retiree.

This year, she renewed her registration.

Surrounded by her family and her friends, Véronique is now on the side of “those who had her”.

She instinctively spots short hair under a scarf, a more fragile silhouette…

Participating in this race is very important because the League Against Cancer needs support and funding.

Veronique Pelleray

Funding for care but also for associations (including Edelweiss in Alençon) which help the sick.

“During my treatments, I was able to benefit from massages, music therapy workshops, plantar reflexology. And it’s crazy good! It is just as important as care. »

She greets the teams at the Alençon hospital in passing: “the staff lack time but they always find time to take care of us, pamper us. »

Running Médavy next year

Taking the start of the Galopades on Friday 16 September was “a real revenge”. Stepping on the starting line was the symbol of a new beginning.

The smile is back on the face of the retiree: “I wanted to finish at all costs. I rediscovered the atmosphere of the race, the sensations. I did the 6 km because I was not ready for the 12 km. »

Fatigue is present. “You have to know how to listen to your body. But I really want to run my 10th Alençon-Médavy next year. This is the next challenge”.

Les Elles de l’Orne, Sunday October 9, on the Alençon-Damigny campus. 5 km race-walk without classification, departure at 3 p.m. No on-site registration (it is however possible to register on October 7 and 8 at the Hôtel du Département, when picking up your race number, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.).

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