Vabbing, this dubious beauty method supposed to bewitch men

Vabbing, this dubious beauty method supposed to bewitch men

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    We always think we’ve seen everything on TikTok, but that’s without counting on the overflowing and somewhat dubious imagination of its users. The proof with vabbing, a method of perfume with vaginal secretions which has tens of thousands of followers on the Chinese social network. Explanations.

    Naturalness has been a key trend in the cosmetics industry for several years, but we didn’t think the public would push the concept to vabbing. Contraction of the words “vagina” and “dabbing” (dabbing in English), vabbing is considered by its followers as a trick halfway between beauty and seduction. An entire program. And it’s nothing to say. It is more concretely a technique consisting in reinventing the art of perfuming, the ultimate glamorous and refined touch of an outfit, but in the most natural way possible.

    As you will have understood, vabbing does not require having the iconic bottle of a fragrance that would be even more so, but using natural substances to perfume yourself. A kind of upcycling of a new kind which we, let us specify, would have done well without. It is more particularly bodily fluids, including vaginal discharge and secretions, which act as perfume here, to be dabbed, as you will have understood, behind your ears or on your wrists, as you would with a normal perfume. Not very engaging, we grant, and yet the trend has gone viral on the Chinese social network.

    The hashtags #vabbingtrend, #vabbingperfume, and #vabbingtiktok have so far accumulated 22 million, 16 million, and nearly 9 million views on the social network, respectively. Mind-boggling figures that testify to a certain enthusiasm for this technique of a kind that is nevertheless… questionable. Still, a host of videos are intended to criticize, even mock, the method, which actually hides a desire to knock men – or women – off like flies. Did you say cliche?

    This new ritual would, according to its followers, turn the heads of all the people you meet during the day or night. In question ? The pheromones contained in these bodily fluids. The user @jewlieah, whose video has been viewed more than 7 million times, explains that it worked perfectly for her, and since reserves the duty to multiply the videos on the subject by giving some tips for use to her subscribers. It would therefore be recommended to take a shower or a bath before taking action, to wash your hands before and after, or not to resort to vabbing in the event of menstruation. It is said.

    No study obviously proves that vaginal secretions have the power to attract a potential partner. However, health professionals, and in particular dermatologists, agree that, although they do not recommend it, this practice does not represent any danger provided that basic hygiene rules are strictly observed. It is especially necessary to ensure the good health of her vagina, and in particular not to suffer from any infection.

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