Zenyatta Overwatch 2: story, skills, strengths, weaknesses, how to play it well?

Zenyatta Overwatch 2: story, skills, strengths, weaknesses, how to play it well?

Zenyatta is a support hero which is available since July 19, 2016 on Overwatch. His role gives him completely different objectives from the others, because his strength will not be in the attack power, but especially in the penalties he brings to the opponents. Zenyatta can however have a very strategic aspect thanks to his Orb of Discord. You still need to know how to play this character to succeed in having a good ratio between the care provided and the damage inflicted.

In order to help neophytes, find all the history of Zenyatta, the capacities of this hero, the targets to be killed, but also his synergy with other players in his team as well as his weaknesses.

Who is Zenyatta? And what is its story?

Zenyatta is an omniac monk who travels the world in search of spiritual enlightenment. It is said that those who meet it are changed forever.

Years ago, after the Omnium Crisis, a group of renegade Omnic robots experienced what they later called a spiritual awakening. Abandoning their pre-programmed existences, they set out to establish a community monastery in the distant heights of the Himalayas. After years of meditation and reflection on the nature of existence, they came to believe that beyond their artificial intelligences, they had, like humans, the essence of a soul. ..

→ To learn more about Zenyatta’s story, we invite you to consult his WikiFandom page

Zenyatta before and after

With the arrival of Overwatch 2, some heroes benefit from a complete reskin, but this is not the case for all. Zenyatta appeared on the game on July 19, 2016, so he now has a new skin that corresponds to the second version of Overwatch. In the Hero Gallery, then on his profile, you can choose to equip his so-called vanilla skin or his new version for free.

Zenyatta Overwatch 1 - Overwatch 2
Zenyatta Overwatch 1

Zenyatta Overwatch 2 - Overwatch 2
Zenyatta Overwatch 2

How to get Zenyatta?

Available on the first version of Overwatch since July 19, 2016, there is no prerequisite to obtain it. No Battle Pass levels and challenges are required to unlock it.

Zenyatta’s Challenges

Challenges exist for some of the heroes, however, they are not yet available. The guide will be updated once the required information is released!

Overwatch 2

Zenyatta’s Skills

Order of Destruction

. Weapon projecting energy.

. Hold down to release more projectiles.

Orb of Discord

You throw this orb at an enemy to increase the damage they take.

Harmony Orb

You throw this orb at an ally to heal them.


You become invulnerable, faster and heal nearby allies.

Zenyatta Gameplay Tips

Not very mobile and fragile, Zenyatta is nonetheless a support that will easily find its place in an aggressive composition thanks to its orbs that can lower an enemy’s defenses, heal an ally while leaving his hands free to attack. His ultimate Transcendence is a perfect solution to counter a violent assault.

It is important to put the orbs of discord on an enemy well so that your allies are focused on him to be able to kill him quickly. It is generally advised to put this orb on the healers so that they die first. However, situations can be totally different and require adjustments to the distribution of Discord Orbs. Indeed, at times it can be much more judicious to place the orb on a tank so that your team can create a breach once it is dead.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

Also, it’s essential not to forget your Harmony Orbs! Healing a flank DPS or assisting the second healer is beneficial for everyone. The Orb of Harmony always returns to Zenyatta at some point, so watch out for the ally who is supposed to hold this orb, because you can very easily forget it and thus put a spoke in the wheels of your second. healer by providing no healing.

Zenyatta is still quite a complex healer to play, as it takes great dexterity to hit opponents with Orbs of Destruction. However, if you target an opponent with an Orb of Discord and the Destruction ones hit, you can be sure your opponent will quickly turn on their heels in an attempt to save themselves.

In terms of placements, it is strongly discouraged to put him in the front line or even behind the team; Aside from his kick, Zenyatta doesn’t really have a melee defense, so prioritize a location in the center of the team.

Its synergies

In this part, we offer you a selection of heroes that benefit Zenyatta.

hero support

There are many support heroes who can be suitable for a duet with Ana, however, there are some with whom the feeling goes better than others. Interesting duos include those that can provide a nice amount of healing. Zenyatta is not able to regenerate the life of allies quickly, so it will be important to have a buddy able to provide a healing burst.

His weaknesses

Below, you can find the characters with whom Zenyatta does not mix well.

hero support

Unfortunately, each hero has what we can call his kryptonite and Zenyatta is no exception to the rule. For the worst shooters, Brigitte, Kiriko as well as Moira will be sores to eliminate.

hero damage

All support heroes fear DPS, especially those who are able to flank quite easily. In the top 3 of the most unbearable DPS for Ana, we obviously have Genji, Tracer or Dark. But others largely deserve titles of honor, in particular Jackal when he flanks.

It is important to communicate to your allies the position of your opponents, especially if they are after you. Unlike them, you have a lot less to take them down.










tank hero

In terms of tanks, there are also characters capable of flank: we think in particular of Doomfist or Winston. However, there is above all a sizeable opponent who can annihilate you, especially if you are not able to throw your kick: chopper and his Traquelard.

The Queen of the Junkers will be especially a plague for the anti-heal which is able to apply thanks to its ultimate. It will lower the health of your allies over time, which could give you a hard time.




Queen of the Junkers

Keep in mind that these lists are not immutable over time. During certain nerfs and other ups, the sheet will be updated. Note also that these lists depend mainly on your gameplay, your vision of the game, your placements, but also on the opposing players on whom you will be able to come across. These lists are little tricks not to be mistaken for gospel letters.

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