Discover how to quickly have beautiful long hair!

Discover how to quickly have beautiful long hair!

How to have a beautiful and long hair? Several hair tips are available to you. Choose the one that suits you best.

Who doesn’t dream of long hair? Trendy or not, it is the symbol of femininity par excellence. As a result, it’s always nice to feel your hair floating in the wind.

You too want to live the same experience for the next season. Different kinds of hair tricks can be adopted in this sense.

Hair tip: Bet on protection and hydration

Under the effect of heat, the hair resists poorly and its quality deteriorates rapidly. Several factors could be at the origin of the problem: strong exposure to the sun, hair dryer, straightener or hot water. As a hair trick, it is therefore essential to cover your head from time to time or to go in the shade during the heat wave.

It is also necessary to limit the use of styling devices that subject the scalp to a high temperature. Finally, it is still preferable to use lukewarm water when bathing. Indeed, hot water dries out the hair. This would be explained by the reaction of the scales which open and which will then have difficulty in retaining water. If this hair trick does not suit you, other alternatives are always possible.

Permanently moistened, the hair revitalizes quite quickly. For this purpose, resorting to the use of a moisturizer stimulates the scalp. This hair tip is particularly for those whose mane is dry but who still want to have long hair.

This will take the form of the application of a moisturizing mask for a frequency of once a week and for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Combined with other tips, this hair trick will increase in effectiveness.

Perform head massage and adjust your diet

By undergoing a massage, the scalp irrigates better and absorbs more oxygen. This hair trick will have the effect of promoting regrowth. However, it is not necessary to observe a special session. Simply take advantage of the time you apply shampoo to massage your head.

Slightly spread your fingers and then make circular movements. This hair trick will be done with light pressure. Food also plays an important role in hair maintenance. Certain foods contribute to their growth.

You can thus increase your chance of having long hair by including these varieties of food in your “hair tip” menu. Examples include sweet potatoes, soybeans, eggs, oily fish, Brazil nuts and avocado.

Contrary to these, there are food products that are harmful to regrowth. Such would be the case with alcoholic beverages, sodas, sweets and white flour. In this case, their consumption should be limited or avoided. They must be banned from your “hair tip” menu.

Hair tricks and a few scissors

The idea of ​​cutting your hair seems contradictory to wanting to grow it out. However, a few scissor strokes accelerate regrowth. This operation also helps you to repair part of your hair in the event that it is weakened. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, this hair tip helps you adjust the size of the tips. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, you won’t need to leave your home. Otherwise, it becomes imperative to go to the hairdresser. In addition to those mentioned above, certain habits stimulate or, on the contrary, slow down regrowth. Note in passing the case of braids which, made in a regular way, put the hair in better conditions.

Smoking and lack of sleep, for their part, hinder the acceleration of regrowth. Whatever happens, seeking advice from a specialist is one of the best dispositions. You have the choice between a dermatologist and a hairdressing professional. In general, the result of each hair tip is not obtained in a flash. It takes a lot of patience on your part. While waiting for the operation to take effect, you can always take shortcuts. Have you considered a hair extension, hairpiece or wig? Indeed, these solutions fall within the domain of the artificial but they can still benefit you on certain occasions.

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