how to create a cozy atmosphere to spend the fall in style?

how to create a cozy atmosphere to spend the fall in style?

Autumn is here and personally, I’m delighted! Once the cool winds of the cold season begin to whistle, I take out my sweaters, I make a little pumpkin spice latte, I put on my favorite series and… Divine romance! On the other hand, there are some of us who hate the idea of ​​spending so much time closed at home. And I understand! So why not revive your garden/yard and turn it into an autumnal paradise where you can relax and enjoy the last beautiful days? We have noted the basic principles to create the perfect garden cocooning corner! Scroll to find out more!

Landscaping cocooning corner garden

garden cocooning corner

Let’s get things straight. We all love the cozy climate. Even for staunch supporters of hot summer days, snuggling up with a hot drink under a soft blanket is always a pleasure. But we understand that spending all those months indoors can be a little depressing. So why not create a space where you can meet while feeling cozy outside? There is no need to have a garden. If you live in an apartment, you can turn your ordinary balcony into a super cocooning balcony.


outdoor relaxation area layout

Autumn is synonymous with bright colors and earthy tones. Red, orange, beige, brown, dark green… Usually, if we stick to psychology, these colors have a deep meaning and a connection with earth and fire. So you have stability and home on one side and warmth and fire on the other. By playing with lots of colors and soft materials, you create a warm atmosphere where the autumn norm is gray and cold. But for those who really aren’t fans of flashy colors, pastel colors will do the trick too. Clarity, normally, signifies purity and rebirth. So always good signs.


fall outdoor decor

When we think of cocooning, we instinctively think “cottage”. So don’t think about plastic furniture. Wood is durable and brings a rustic look which in turn makes every space cozy. If you’ve been following the hygge trend, you already know that wood, neutral colors (like pastel colors), textiles, and wood or macrame decorations are must-haves. In fact, the key can be found in simplicity. Take this photo into account, for example. A barrel cut in half serves as a table, on which rests food and hot drinks, three wooden chairs surround the blazing fire in the center and… What more do you need, in fact?


garden Lounge

If you want the cozy living room vibe you have indoors to carry over to the outdoors, then you need lots of decorations. And by that, we don’t mean expensive high-end items. No way ! In fact, the more different it is, the more original the exterior will look. If you’re on a budget, I highly recommend going to the flea market. You will find many original objects there at ridiculously low prices. Otherwise, you can test It’s two euros, Hema, Sostrene Grene Where Primark. Here’s what you can look for:

  • twinkling lights
  • Candles
  • Lanterns
  • Macrame and wooden decorations
  • small figures
  • Vases with dried flowers (pampas grass for example)
  • Sturdy carpet
  • Cushions and blankets


autumn landscaping

Outdoor cushions and blankets may seem strange to some people. But, the goal here is to make it look like your living room…but on the outside! Think of a wonderful collection of soft, cozy and welcoming cushions and blankets where you can read a book and bask in the warm autumnal rays of sunshine. Or, have a cup of tea around the brazier with friends and observe the stars… For an even warmer atmosphere, why not add a tent above the chairs? The light autumn rain that gently beats on the tent, the gloomy weather, the hot drink in your hand while you’re wrapped in a duvet… That’s what I call paradise!

garden cocooning corner layout


An idea for an outdoor cocooning corner…

how to set up a cocooning corner

Create the perfect garden cocooning corner with our modest tips!

how to make a cocooning corner

Gathering around the fire with friends is always great!

set up a reading nook

Deco cocooning garden: enjoy the fall days in style.

easy do-it-yourself garden decor idea

What a beautiful easy fall table decoration!

do-it-yourself autumn table decoration

Here is one last idea for a cocooning terrace.

outdoor cocooning area

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