“Our role goes far beyond our scientific expertise and our products” – Benjamin Brunschwig (La Roche-Posay) – Image

Benjamin Brunschwig (La Roche-Posay)

Benjamin Brunschwig, La Roche-Posay’s sustainable development director told us, on the occasion of Pink October, how the brand was present. For patients and their loved ones, doctors, associations too…

You unveil “The restorative power of touch” a campaign on the occasion of Pink October that you have supported for ten years: why did you decide to communicate massively with your agency Betc?

Benjamin Brunschwig :bAlthough 80% of patients experience the skin side effects of cancer treatments, 84% of them are not referred to a dermatologist. And this, even though side effects can threaten their ability to comply with their treatment correctly: today, up to 32% have to stop their treatment and up to 76% have to reduce the dosage. These data are all the more shocking because side effects can be anticipated and reduced with the right care protocol. So we can clearly see that there is a huge awareness challenge so that no patient still says “if only i had known“….Hence this initiative to create an awareness campaign. Another important point highlighted by this campaign is the role of caregivers. On the one hand, patients, exhausted, do not always have the energy to seek supportive care. On the other hand, caregivers in close circles are often helpless and do not know how to help. Supportive care is an ideal way for these caregivers to make themselves useful and to really contribute to improving the quality of life of their loved one-patient, in the service of treatment compliance and maximizing the chances of recovery. This is why this campaign does not only show patients and is not only addressed to them, but also shows that caregivers have a role to play, and is also addressed to them.

You are the only dermo-cosmetic brand to take part in the World Cancer Congress: what are you going to “do” there?

Benjamin Brunschwig : notWe are going to bring our awareness message there through two actions. First of all, our “patient guide”, which talks about skin support care but also beyond the skin, sophrology and pilates to fight against chronic fatigue, will be inserted into the bags given to the 2 000 delegates. On the other hand, Delphine Kerob, dermatologist specializing in oncology, and scientific director of the brand, will be on stage alongside Agathe Auproux, who went through the ordeal of cancer a few years ago, to provide scientific and a testimony to raise awareness of this major public health issue.

La Roche-Posay is very active in supporting associations: do you see yourself as “patron”?

Benjamin Brunschwig :ttotally out. We see our role well beyond our scientific expertise and our products. We are committed to working in partnership with civil society and associations that do crucial work to provide supportive care to patients, and to support them throughout the year beyond Pink October. This is why we financially support many organizations around the world for their support care projects, beyond skin care, to contribute to the quality of life of patients in the service of better chances of recovery. We also support the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) worldwide, a reference association in the fight against cancer with which La Roche-Posay signed an exclusive partnership this summer. It is a perfect example of our commitment beyond the skin for supportive care since this NGO is at the heart of the ecosystem and on all fronts: prevention, screening, research for the development of treatments, access to treatment, and supportive care. Their missions of aligning stakeholders, increasing their skills and raising awareness make them a major player in the fight against cancer, and as such we are very proud to support them.

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