The local mission of Gien will get a makeover in the coming months

La mission locale de Gien va se refaire une petite beauté dans les prochains mois

Adaptation. This is perhaps the key word that can define a good Local Mission. That of Montargis-Gien is no exception to the rule in order to be able propose solutions for 16-25 year olds in their job search.

This involves team exchanges, such as Friday, October 7 within the Gien branch on rue Paul-Bert. Morning meeting, around several mugs of coffee which did not cool under the bubbling of the discussions, between the dozen employeesthe president of the association, Jacques Delatre, and the manager of the Gien branch, Laurent Bricard, just to coordinate.

Things will move in the next few days, with in particular work within the building. The stakes are not negligible when the Gien branch accompanies nearly a thousand young people a year in the territory, including 350 new ones each year. So where are we?


October 8 is exactly the same the ninth anniversary of the presence of the Gien branch within its premises at 30, rue Paul-Bert. Previously a tenant, the association acquired these buildings in July, which belonged to the town hall.

Work will start from October 17 to fit out two new rooms in the garages to the right of the entrance. These works should last until February.

With a capacity of 25 to 30 places for one and 10 to 15 places for the other, these spaces will expand the training options for young people registered, in order to meet current needs. “The activity of the Local Mission has changed, assures Laurent Bricard. We are organizing more and more collective sessions. Today, our only room is 100% occupied.”

As a bonus, these two pieces can be offered to partners of the local Mission (companies, associations and institutions) who would like to organize their own sessions. “We lack rooms in the territory”, notes Jacques Delatre.

“The first difficulty often encountered by external organizations is the technical platform, adds Laurent Bricard. Training for ten or fifteen people, but where? It is a matter of offering them a space worthy of the name with Internet access and equipment. It’s having a training center, a resource center that is identified in the Giennois.” The reception will also be redesigned to be more functional.


In parallel with the work, the Local Mission should increase its communication. Signage, not very visible, will be redesigned so that passers-by instantly identify the place.

The leaders also intend to speed up communication on media supports, social media and local influencersjust to dust off the thing.

“We must be less ‘institutional'”, analyzes Laurent Bricard. “Our strength compared to Pôle emploi is that we are very local, completes its president. We are able to unblock requests very quickly”


The Local Mission wants to develop youth engagement contracts set up by the State since March 2022. In the Giennois, around a hundred young people have so far benefited from it.

We want as many young people as possible to benefit from it., assures Laurent Bricard. It is a very strong lever. With this, a young person can be in contact with his counselor every week. Some even come here up to three times a week.”

Employees meet regularly. Photo Thomas Derais

The device offers them more individualized support, while keeping them in a logic of collective training. An allowance of up to 520 euros per month can also be paid depending on resources, provided that the commitments of the contract are respected. “It helps young people to get back on their feet,” certifies Jacques Delatre.

It remains to be seen whether this device will be effective in the long term. Currently and according to officials, nearly 65% ​​of those enrolled in the Local Mission end up finding a job.

Intensive coaching at the local mission

The 100 chances 100 jobs scheme is resuming for the second time at the Mission locale de Gien. The structure targeted a few young job seekers. They will benefit next week from intensive coaching intended to help them progress in their life skills, their posture, their CV to succeed in their future interviews. Several local employers will follow them and give them their advice, until Thursday, October 20, the date of a full-scale restitution.

Thomas Derais


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