Care: this natural ingredient that is making the buzz on TikTok allows you to have clear and luminous skin

Care: this natural ingredient that is making the buzz on TikTok allows you to have clear and luminous skin

Grandma’s recipes for a radiant, flawless complexion are numerous, but there is one that is particularly viral right now. On TikTok, beautystas swear by aloe vera, this miracle plant that would transform the skin.

The video tutorials on the use of aloe vera are sprouting up on social media like mushrooms. just on TikTokthe hashtag #aloevera hits 2.3 billion views. A viral figure which is explained by the popularity of this succulent plant which would have tons of virtues for the skin. Used in traditional medicine for millennia, aloe vera is now creating a buzz on the web among beautystas. Used on the skin but also on the hair, it would be a miracle ingredient.

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

With its gigantic green leaves, aloe vera is recognizable from afar. Purchased in ready-made pot or in natural leafthis plant is used worldwide for its dermatological benefits. Anti-bacterial, nourishing, moisturizing, easy to use, soothing… Aloe vera is effective on all skin types, especially oily ones. Its many properties make it a perfect ingredient to soothe sunburns but also de-inflame acne pimples. A true all-purpose plant! On TikTokplatform users keep praising the merits of the plant and apply its chilled gel directly to the skin and hair.

How to use 100% natural aloe vera?

The great beauty trend of the moment is to favor aloe vera in leaves rather than in pots. Very inexpensive (2.79 euros at Naturalia), aloe vera is very easy to use even when purchased as such. On the many videos TikTok that bloom on the canvas, users can be seen opening the sheet in half and recover the gel by scraping the inside or peeling it off with a knife. These very satisfying sequences are followed by aloe vera massage, supposed to rehydrate and soothe sensitive skin. The sap can be applied directly to the skin or passed through a blender to obtain a paste that is easy to spread on the skin and on the hair. Some even prepare aloe vera ice cubes use to refresh while treating minor skin problems. The only precaution to take when using aloe vera from the leaf is that it you have to rinse it before applying it directly to the skin to remove the aloin. This yellowish substance contained between the bark of the leaf and the sap is toxic.
And if you prefer the convenience of aloe vera in jar or tubemake sure that the latter is 100% pure. Sometimes manufacturers add other products such as alcohol or perfume which may not be recommended depending on your skin type.


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