Mobilize Power Solutions will open 200 electric service stations in Europe

Mobilize Power Solutions will open 200 electric service stations in Europe

Renault Group finally tackles the problem of electric charging. And entrusts to his young brand Mobilize the care of developing a real fast charging network European. named Mobilize Fast Chargethe latter should include approximately 200 stations in Europe by mid-2024, including 90 in France, i.e. one ultra-fast charging station every 150 kilometers on major highways in France »specifies the operator.

These real charging hubs will be made up of six charging points delivering up to 400 kW. Drivers of electric vehicles – whatever model they own – will be able to plug in 24/7. If, for the time being, the price list has not yet been communicated, Mobilize already specifies that Mobilize Charge Pass cardholders delivered by him will benefit from preferential rates across this new Mobilize Fast Charge network.

The network of Renault dealerships put to use

“One of Mobilize’s goals is to make mobility cleaner and more accessible. Mobilize Fast Charge contributes to this by giving access to ultra-fast charging to all drivers of electric vehicles, regardless of their brand. To carry out this project, Mobilize relies on the strengths of Renault Group : the capillarity of the sales network and the expertise of Mobilize Power Solutions », explains Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize and Deputy CEO of Renault Group.

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In order to develop its electric charging network as quickly as possible, Mobilize will rely on the network of Renault dealers, whose land will be put to use. However, the operation only concerns distributors located less than five minutes from a motorway exit or an expressway », is it advanced.

Additional services and redesigned energy management

In the logic of charging hubs Already commissioned by several energy companies and aware that recharging an electric vehicle – even a fast one – involves the immobilization of the vehicle and therefore of its driver, Mobilize provides additional services to the simple refilling of the battery.

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While the latter recovers precious kilowatt hourspassing motorists will also have access to a reserved area. A quiet and comfortable relaxation area where they can have a coffee or a snack, take advantage of the wificharge their phone or laptop, or even play console before hitting the road”is it promised.

When energy sobriety is required to relieve an electrical distribution network under tension, Mobilize arrives with a charging network concept integrating, on site, a share of production thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels and one energy storage system appealing to second life batteries from electric vehicles previously in circulation.

“The storage system will be capable of delivering an instantaneous power of 600 kW, allowing to deliver a high power even in case of several simultaneous recharges. Furthermore, this limits the impact on the national power grid and reduces grid connection costs”further advances the new operator.

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