Vendée: socio-aesthetics, a remedy to boost self-esteem

Vendée: socio-aesthetics, a remedy to boost self-esteem

Séverine practices socio-aesthetics to help her sick clients enhance their self-esteem. ©Manon Loubet

Le Journal du Pays Yonnais: what does the practice of socio-aesthetics consist of?

Séverine: it is a profession of accompaniment with a therapeutic aim which practices aesthetic care and touch as a tool and support for bodily mediation. The objective is to support the person, whatever their age and condition: sick, disabled, weakened or even in social distress, by making them become actors of their well-being.

How do you care for cancer patients?

Because self-esteem is often damaged by cancer and its treatments, socio-aesthetics can be a valuable support for patients. The goal is to revalue the image and the self-esteem, and to become autonomous vis-a-vis the gestures of the daily life.

What are the benefits for your clients?

The benefits are multiple. People appreciate being listened to, understood and pampered for the time of a well-being parenthesis in a daily life disturbed by illness. They emerge from their treatment more relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling better about themselves.

How many sessions does it take to achieve a result?

A single session can be enough to obtain a result. There is no predetermined number. It depends on far too many factors, including the personal, situational, environmental and social resources of each person.

Do you work with hospitals, care centers and clinics?

Yes. Care can be provided in medical establishments, medico-social structures, at the request of health professionals, patients or their families, but also in my office and at home. A service called Proxiligue has also been created by the Vendée Cancer League. This home service allows patients to benefit from supportive care recommended by the National Cancer Institute and offered by the League. In treatment or post-treatment, in physical or mental incapacity, patients can benefit from five treatments offered in socio-aesthetics: aesthetic care (facial care, make-up course, foot and hand care, hair removal, etc.), massages well-being, image consulting, makeovers. It is also a good way to reduce inequalities in access to care linked to geographic and social isolation.

Is it reimbursed by Social Security?

Some mutuals make reimbursements, particularly in the context of oncology. But despite the requests and expectations of patients, socio-aesthetic care still does not appear on the list of care reimbursed by Social Security. That being said, the support of sessions by the League against Cancer makes it possible to make up for this lack.

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