all about the new protocol to repair and soften your hair

all about the new protocol to repair and soften your hair

A new step has been added to the famous Japanese hair ritual: a pre-shampoo treatment. An expert walks us through the process step by step.

After four years of research, Japanese hair care renowned for its moisturizing and restorative properties is being renewed. Intended particularly for those who overuse their hair and live in a polluted environment, the new Tokio Inkarami treatment provides a detox and regenerating cure at the same time. “By repeatedly bathing in oils and using styling products on a daily basis, a ‘film’ is created on the surface of the scalp and hair, preventing treatments from penetrating as they should,” observes Jessica Lesioux, Tokio Inkarami care training manager. “That’s why a new step is added to the ritual, which is a pre-shampoo. This precisely eliminates any product residue and pollution particles so that the treatment can penetrate even deeper into the hair. Thus, we observed that the treatment is three times more effective in terms of repair, shine and softness.”

The inspiration behind this new process? “This trend very present in the “japan beauty“which consists of thoroughly cleansing and preparing the skin before putting on makeup, explains the specialist. The idea is to start the hair routine on a perfectly clean and neutral “base” so that the treatment can really be effective. behind.”


In practice, this additional step is neither more nor less than a first shampoo carried out before the treatment. “With the difference that we leave it on for three minutes, so that its foam absorbs everything that is on the surface of the scalp and hair. It does not open the scales but rather acts as an exfoliant”, specifies Jessica Lesioux. Its formula is enriched with saturated fatty acids and urea (or carbamide), a molecule that is characterized as a “natural moisturizing factor” in the cosmetics industry, because it retains water in the superficial cells of the skin. epidermis. Thus rid of silicones and styling agents that could suffocate it, the hair is cleansed and already hydrated from root to tip.

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A five-step ritual

Once the pre-shampoo is rinsed out, the rest of the protocol follows like the original, in four steps. “We first apply the Tokio IE shampoo, which already begins the treatment, since it contains fullerene, the flagship molecule of the treatment which penetrates to the cortex of the hair”, continues Jessica Lesioux, “Then, we successively apply a cream , a mask and an oil based on different natural keratins from human hair and sheep’s wool. To boost their effectiveness, the hairdresser or the hairdresser leaves the different layers on for about twenty minutes under the steam.

“To finish, we go back to the tank one last time, continues the expert, and we finish with a second application of the pre-shampoo which will absorb the oil residues that may have remained on the surface of the hair, in order to prevent those these are “heavy” to the touch. It will not absorb the care applied inside the cortex of the hair. We rinse the product, then we spray a final treatment that prevents the lifting of the cuticle and seals all the active ingredients on the hair.

The effects of this new Tokio treatment last longer than its previous version, between four to six weeks. To prolong its benefits, Jessica Lesioux advises cleaning her hair with a sulphate-free shampoo “which could alter the shine and softness much more quickly”.

In total, it takes between 40 and 50 minutes to benefit from the complete treatment. As for the price, it varies according to the hairdressing salon and the region where it is located, but also the length of the hair, for an average cost between 90€ and 200€.


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