Genji Overwatch 2: story, skills, strengths, weaknesses, how to play it well?

Genji Overwatch 2: story, skills, strengths, weaknesses, how to play it well?

Genji is a damage hero that has been available since May 24, 2016 on Overwatch. His role gives him completely different objectives from the others, because his strength will be in his ability to inflict damage, but above all to eliminate opponents. The DPS will have to provide support to the tank, but especially to the healers to prevent opponents from causing trouble in your ranks.

In order to help neophytes, find all the history of Genji, the capacities of this hero, the targets to be killed, but also his synergy with other players in his team as well as his weaknesses.

Who is Anna? And what is its story?

After nearly dying by the hand of his own brother, ninja Genji Shimada was rescued by Overwatch. In order to save his life, the organization turned him into a human weapon with cybernetic enhancements. Tortured by his nature and searching for purpose after the fall of Overwatch, Genji sought peace by studying under the omnic monk Zenyatta before answering Winston’s call.

→ To learn more about Genji’s story, we invite you to consult his WikiFandom page

Genji before and after

With the arrival of Overwatch 2, some heroes benefit from a complete reskin, but this is not the case for all. Reaper appeared on the game on May 24, 2016, so he now has a new skin that corresponds to the second version of Overwatch. In the Hero Gallery, then on his profile, you can choose to equip his so-called vanilla skin or his new version for free.

Genji Overwatch 1 - Overwatch 2
Genji Overwatch 1

Genji Overwatch 2 - Overwatch 2
Genji Overwatch 2

How to get Genji?

Available on the first version of Overwatch since May 24, 2016, there is no prerequisite to obtain it. No Battle Pass levels and challenges are required to unlock it.

Genji’s Challenges

Challenges exist for some of the heroes, however, they are not yet available. The guide will be updated once the required information is out!

Overwatch 2

Genji’s Skills


You launch 3 projectiles in concentrated fire or you launch 3 projectiles in an arc.


You deflect projectiles in the direction you are aiming and block melee attacks.

Wind Strike

You dash past vopus and inflict damage on enemies. Killing a target resets the cooldown.

Dragon Blade

Draws a deadly melee weapon.

Cybernetic Agility

Ability to climb walls and perform a double jump.

Genji Gameplay Tips

Genji is a hero who has great mobility, so he can very easily harm opponents in the back lines. He’s an excellent flanker who will sow trouble for healers and little heroes he doesn’t fear. Genji is in a way the mosquito that bothers us at night: he never ceases to annoy us, but very often we don’t see him.

To play Genji optimally, you will have to stay at medium range to shoot your shurikens or to use the riposte. You will have better dexterity playing this range, we can guarantee it.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

However, pay special attention to the heroes who are gifted with melee attacks such as Brigitte, the Queen of the Junkers or Reinhardt: you will be vulnerable against them, so take to your heels with the using your passive or your Wind Strike to find refuge. Also note that this ability can be useful for sneaking into combat, so don’t hesitate to use it.

If you don’t want to take damage, the riposte will be ideal to deflect all the bullets towards another opponent. While protecting yourself, you can weaken another player. In addition, if you have a sense of timing, you can retaliate with many ultimates, such as Zarya’s Graviton or Hanzo’s Dragon Arrow, but these events are quite rare. If a healer isn’t far from you, be sure to aim for them, Genji is one of the biggest threats to healers.

Its synergies

In this part, we offer you a selection of support heroes that will benefit Genji.

hero support

Genji will need healers who can heal him quickly or even reach him without a hitch. That is why, Kiriko will inevitably be the best support hero to come and assist him. Nevertheless, Zenyatta can easily heal him from a distance, like Ana. Except thatAnna will have a greater importance: launch his Nanoboost on Genji so that he can also launch his ultimate. Genji will be more resilient and will be able to stir up trouble in opposing teams.






tank hero

Genji will be more than fond of Graviton Orbs from Zarya and the blocking of healing caused by the ultimate of the Queen of the Junkers. A KD of Reinhardt is just as interesting!

Queen of the Junkers



His weaknesses

Below, you can find the characters with whom Genji does not mix.

hero support

Unfortunately, each hero has what we can call his kryptonite and Genji is no exception to the rule. For the worst shooters, Zenyatta as well as Moira will be sores to eliminate. We can also award a medal of honor to Brigitte and Lucio who can be difficult to kill.





tank hero

Genji isn’t invulnerable though. It will be very difficult to manage a Winston, because the latter will be able to inflict heavy damage on him while chasing him. You can also add Zarya, which will make short work of Genji if found loaded. Then finally, there is the ultimate of Bulldozer, which could put Genji in a more than delicate situation. The Queen of the Junkersmeanwhile, can deprive him of healing thanks to her ultimate ability.




Queen of the Junkers

Keep in mind that these lists are not immutable over time. During certain nerfs and other ups, the sheet will be updated. Note also that these lists depend mainly on your gameplay, your vision of the game, your placements, but also on the opposing players on whom you will be able to come across. These lists are little tricks not to be mistaken for gospel letters.

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