Man: why should you masturbate?

Man: why should you masturbate?

Do you often practice masturbation? Like all habits that concern your body, it is essential to pay particular attention to the different effects that come out of it. Although many attribute all the evils to masturbation, we must still admit that it offers some advantages. So discover them.

Discover your body

Masturbation allows you to discover your body. Indeed, you take your time to please yourself and no one else. What’s more, you test several caresses and appreciate the effects you feel. This way you will know much more about all your sensibility.

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Thanks to the control of your body, you will be able to easily guide your partner during the union of your two bodies. Also, if you pay attention, you will know when you are the most excitedwhen you are on the verge of no return and you will know your reflexes better!
By taking the time to take care of yourself and listen to your body, you will learn more about your limits, both physically and psychologically. Icing on the cake, with masturbation, you will get an idea of ​​what you like.

Moreover, if you opt for masturbation with fleshlights for men, for example, you will know more about what you want your partner to do. What’s more, these accessories are available in many shapes and will help you master fellatio or coitus. In a couple, this is a major advantage!

Male masturbation: promotes sleep and reduces stress and anxiety

Similar to sexual intercourse, masturbation causes the production ofendorphins by your brain. These hormones transmit the feeling of pleasure in the neurons, giving you a feeling of well-being.

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In addition, these hormones soothe and relax your muscles. This feeling of fullness promotes sleep, as all your nerves are totally relaxed.
Also, note that masturbation releases the serotonin. This hormone will erase:

  • any depression;
  • stress ;
  • or anxiety.

So it goes without saying that when your body is satisfied and feeds with pleasure, your mind is on a little cloud.

Masturbate to reduce the risk of impotence and prostate cancer

Studies have shown that younger men with optimal ejaculation frequency have a lower risk of contracting cancer of the prostate. To put it simply, according to these studies, to be safe from any danger, you must ejaculate at least 21 times each month.

Moreover, masturbation is a real therapeutic exercise. Indeed, being alone with yourself and your desires, you are free the pressure of having to satisfy your partner. Without this pressure which castigates many, you will be able to gradually gain experience and know how to make to last longer in bed.

In addition, depression being a factor that can cause impotence, the hormones produced during masturbation can mitigate this risk. However, like everything that provides pleasure, care must be taken not to make it a addiction!

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