TikTok: this “Stranger Things” house is causing a sensation for Halloween!

TikTok: cette maison «Stranger Things» fait sensation pour Halloween !TikTok: cette maison «Stranger Things» fait sensation pour Halloween !

A fan of “Stranger Things” is unanimous on TikTok thanks to his special Halloween decoration. A decor that disturbs the neighborhood.

Halloween is fast approaching and the houses are being decorated little by little. A fan of the “Stranger Things” series has therefore decided to recreate certain elements of the show to scare his neighbors on October 31. A decoration that the latter shared on TikTok. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TikTok: The application for adults and children

It’s no longer a secret. Over the years, TikTok has established itself in the field social networks. And for good reason ! The platform offers diverse and varied content.

To the delight of users. From kitchen to decoration through beauty, music, dance or even humor. There is something for every taste.

If you like to take care of your hair, a new product is also unanimous on TikTok. This is’a blower brush that allows you to make real star hairstyles.

Thanks to the Revlon Professional brush, you will have the chance to transform yourself in just a few seconds. Especially since the latter is available on Amazon at 54.99 euros.

A godsend for a little wonder that is making the buzz on TikTok and which will allow you to have volume from the ends to the roots. The hot air circulates quickly and offers the possibility of multiplying the cuts.

You can also obtain an incredible wavy effect thanks to this little gem. An article that already seems to please many people. Good news for TikTok, which has faced several criticisms for the past few days.

Indeed, the application would indeed be followed by “snitches”. In any case, this is what the Consumer Reports association asserts.

Revelations that did not fail to worry users. But while the controversy swells, it seems that this does not prevent tiktokeurs from continuing to create content. MCE TV tells you more about the videos that are causing a stir on TikTok.

@horrorprops♬ Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

A Stranger Things decoration makes the buzz on the app

Anyway and despite the controversies around TikTok, it seems that users have no intention of drawing a line under the application. Quite the contrary.

As Halloween approaches, many of them use the social network to share their creations. And this, whether in terms of make up or decoration.

Recently, a video was so the buzz on TikTok. In effect, a fan of the series “Stranger Things” made the decision to draw inspiration from the universe created by the Duffer brothers to scare its neighbors.

In his garden, he then recreated several elements of the show. A brilliant idea that still disturbs the neighborhood. Eh yes ! The realism of this decoration did not fail to attract crowds.

Which is enough to anger the neighborhood who say to themselves “embarrassed” by the incessant comings and goings. Lack of luck, they will have to do with it… at least until October 31st.

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