PHOTOS Fall 2022: what are the 7 most trendy hairstyles and haircuts to adopt this season?

PHOTOS Fall 2022: what are the 7 most trendy hairstyles and haircuts to adopt this season?

Tired of your hair? It’s time to change your look and go to the hairdresser. And the choices of hairstyles this fall are many. Copper bob, “Bardot” cut or even the Pixie cut… it’s up to you to choose from these 7 ultra stylish trends.

Who doesn’t plan to make an appointment with the hairdresser before the start of the school year? Generally, the month of September is a busy time for hair experts. And for good reason, the hair needs to be taken care of after weeks spent in the sun, in the pool or the sea, or even just hidden under a hat. Beyond a deep hydrating treatment, going to a salon can also lead to a radical change in haircut. Or like some French stars, a little hair madness. We have therefore selected the 7 haircuts that will be on everyone’s head this fall. Deal !

Hair: the 7 trendiest hairstyles and cuts for fall 2022

1. The Copper bob

This year, it was the effortless short haircut that captured hearts. Two pumps of texturizing spray while running a hand through the hair, and you’re done. This is why the Copper bob, or the French Bob, is the haircut par excellence to adopt from the start of the school year.. We love her easy style which gives a sexy personality with a carefree touch. Special mention also for its versatility because it is suitable for all hair textures and face shapes. All that remains is to dare this short square that is both modern and cool.

2. The modernized Mule

The mullet cut is making a controversial comeback on heads. And yet, it is considered one of the it hairstyles of 2022. Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus are among the stars who have elevated it to the rank of ultra-trendy hairstyle. This cut plays with the lengths. The hair is long at the nape of the neck and short at the sides. On the top of the skull, there is a third length, different from the previous ones. And all with a styled/disheveled look, of course.

3. Pixie cut

At once glamorous, elegant, sophisticated and practical, the Pixie cut cut is excellent for adopting a fresh look in tune with the times. At first glance, this ultra-short cut may be intimidating, but it’s easy to tame. Take a cue from Mia Farrow’s iconic Vidal Sassoon cut in Rosemary’s Baby to appropriate this super short style that exudes a lot of self-confidence and a super chic head carriage.

4. The “Bardot” cut

View and review on social networks, the “Bardot” cut promises to be THE perfect cut for the start of the 2022 school year. This time it’s abouta mid-length cut. The secret to obtaining this similarity with Brigitte Bardot’s look? A gradient and the famous curtain fringe. It is important to sculpt the hair and work it well to obtain this very retro volume effect. The final look is successful thanks to the volumizing brushing, carried out inwards.

5. The Shag Cut

This haircut has established itself for several seasons now. We are of course talking about the Shag cut. This hairstyle is a subtle mix between a classic gradient and a mullet cut, but in a modernized version. In other words, the Shag cut plays with the lengths to create several levels. Results : a rock and androgynous look suitable for all hair lengths. The only contraindication to this cut: avoid reproducing it on fine hair so as not to lose mass.

6. The Clavicut

Unlike the ultra-short Copper bob, we ask for the ultra-relaxed Clavicut. This word is the fusion between “clavicle” and “cut” in English. Translation: it’s a mid-length bob whose lengths graze the collarbones. Why will she easily seduce this fall? It is a simple cut and easy to wear. Thanks to its ideal length, it is possible to tie up your hair, but also to leave it free for a sophisticated look. We tell you: the Clavicut will be widely acclaimed from the start of the school year!

7. Fringe

The fringe is one of the main hairstyle trends of the fall. Admittedly, it has been around for some time, but it remains a major element for many of us. It can also be worn short, on the side, tapered… The possibilities are numerous. A big favorite is curtain bangs. For several seasons, it has established itself as a hair statement. Among its competitors, we observe the arrival of the draped fringe which descends lower to delicately frame the face. To be continued…

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