the best childcare tips

the best childcare tips

On the Amazon site, from October 11 to 12, Prime Day is back. For the last day of the event, the e-commerce giant is still offering very good deals, especially in the baby and childcare section. Discover the best deals still available.

It’s a commercial operation which should please families and their wallets. From October 11 to 12, 2022, the online merchant Amazon has decided to relaunch its event Prime Day for the fall, with its Prime exclusive flash sales, reserved for Prime members. For two days on the online site many promotional items are offered to consumers. The offers are for the most part very interesting and above all there is something for everyone, even when it comes to childcare products. If you need to replenish your stock of layersof cleaning wipes or even of creams for your little one’s skin, it’s now or never. For the occasion, we have unearthed for you the best deals Amazon which are still available for sale for this last day of promotions.

Up to 40% off Pampers nappies and diapers

The Pampers brand is very well discounted for Prime Day. The two best offers are for a diaper pack in size 6for children weighing more than 15 kilos, which is at minus 40%and one one month pack of nappies in size 5 (11-16 kilos) which is on sale at minus 40% also.

Up to 35% off Lotus diaper packs

Among the latest Prime Day Amazon offers, there are still several promotions on Lotus brand diaper packs. In the Baby Douceur Naturelle range, there are a one-month pack for children weighing 7 to 12 kilos. The set contains 148 diapers in size 4 dermatologically tested. The brand boasts “0% lotion, perfume, allergen and dye in contact with the skin.” There are also the mentions Eu Ecolabel and Oexo-Tek which appear on the packaging, signs of quality. With the Prime Day promotion, this diaper pack goes from 55.24 euros to 40.79 euros, a reduction of minus 25%.

If you’re looking for the best deal, there’s a one month diaper pack in size 5which corresponds to a child weighing between 12 and 20 kilos, which is displayed minus 35%. It thus goes from 63.76 euros to 41.44 euros. The pack contains 140 diapers.

Biolane skincare at 25% less

The baby care brand Biolane is also on sale on the Amazon site for Prime Day. A set of 2 special washing gels for body and hair of 750 mlalso including a sweet almond oil of 75 ml, is less than 25%. It goes from 16.74 euros to 12.53 euros. Same promotion for a set of 2 moisturizing and nourishing creams, with a bottle of sweet almond oil. The price with the discount is €6.93. And if you are looking for a complete care kit, know that there is an offer on a pack with a body and hair washing gel, a cleansing milk in pump bottle format, a diaper cream and sweet almond oil. Special products for sensitive baby skin. The care kit is displayed at minus 25%, it goes from 19.16 euros to 14.37 euros.

Physiological saline at least 25%

Physiological serum is very useful for gently cleaning and disinfecting baby’s eyes and nose. For Prime Day, there is an offer on a set of 3 boxes of saline from the Biolane brand. The products are suitable for the little ones, from birth, and the serum pipettes have a round tip for more safety. The lot is minus 25%, the price goes from 11.22 euros to 8.42 euros.

Waterwipes at 13% off

Waterwipes brand wipes are generally very popular with parents. They are made with just two ingredients, 99.9% water and fruit extract. They are clinically tested and are biodegradable. They are suitable for babies’ sensitive skin and are very soft.

For Prime Day, an offer on 6 packs of Waterwipes (360 pieces) is available. He is discounted at minus 13%. With the reduction, the price is 14.48 euros.

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