What is the favorite color of this month of October 2022 that you absolutely must do?

What is the favorite color of this month of October 2022 that you absolutely must do?

If you do not yet know what hairstyle to adopt this month, bet on the fall hair trend. Namely the tie and dye in a caramel tone.

Fashion changes with the seasons. As much for the dress question as for the fall hair trend. This month, the caramel-colored hair shade is on the rise. Many celebrities adopt this look. Here are our tips.

What is the trending fall hair color?

After being exposed to the sun’s rays during the holidays, the mane must now be maintained. It is also the period of the return. Who wants to have a bad mane at the beginning of October? Thus, it is necessary to adopt the hair trend fall 2022, in particular concerning the color. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this tone.

Know that it-girls have already adopted this fall hair trend. Fashionistas will be delighted to have manes in this shade. In this context, theombré-hair havoc this October. Whether you have brown or blonde hair, the color warms up the look. It also highlights the structure of the face and the complexion. Namely that the clarification is done gradually. This is indeed the concept of tie and dye.

The autumn hair trend is obviously in a predetermined shade: the caramel. It has been very popular since the 2010s. To do this, you must bleach half the length of your hair. You can then choose the balayage color you prefer. Blonde tone is common. However, the most daring do not hesitate to opt for more daring colors such as purple or pink.

the tie-dye is gaining momentum for the fall season. Only, we exchange the blonde for the caramel. This tone is also warmer and more brassy. This will sublimate your look, whatever outfit you put on. However, the base must be black for the effect to be as desired. Note that during the Lanvin show, star Zahia Dehar wore this fall hair trend. The same is true for Emily Ratajkowski. On the other hand, its sweep is of your brassy.

How to adopt the tie and dye caramel?

So that the tie-dye is successful, you need to follow a few steps. Start by taking care of your hair first. The application of shaded hair cannot be improvised. According to Christophe Robin, a specialist in the field, anticipation is the secret of a successful tie and dye. A scalp will only dry out if we apply the technique directly to it.

To fully understand this idea, refer to the renovation of a wall. The new coat of color cannot actually be applied to a damaged surface. The gentleman advises you to first use a nourishing hair oil. This can be done 3 days before coloring, every evening. Coat your hair with material and lightly massage your head. You can use a repair mask when you wash your hair in the morning.

If you notice that the ends of your mane are too split, do not hesitate to cut a few centimeters. Your hair will look healthier and the effect of the fall hair trend will be more successful. A cut actually gives a better rendering. When applying color, make sure your hair is dry.

You also don’t have to straighten your hair when embracing the fall hair trend. Leave them the same way you wear it every day. As for the tool, you can use a brush. Apply color strand by strand, uniformly. According to the advice of a professional in the field, apply it vertically. This will avoid any form of demarcation.

Autumn hair trend: Why bet on caramel tie and dye?

The tie and dye of your caramel is ideally applied on a black background. The length of your hair can be long or medium. The result of the fall hair trend will be perfect on a long square. However, the technique can also be applied to brown hair. It is also very suitable for this fall season.

Know that the tie and dye technique is also perfect for those who want a more natural change. In a caramel tone, this fall hair trend is not not too flashy. Moreover, you do not take great risks by adopting the color. If in the worst case, your hair does not support coloring, only the bottom part will be damaged. For the shade, choose between blond, caramel and light brown.

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