Beauty: Booming professions that are recruiting!

Beauty: Booming professions that are recruiting!

Are you passionate about aesthetic professions? What if you were considering retraining in a buoyant, dynamic and people-oriented sector? Leader in e-learning in France, Studi offers training ranging from CAP to Bac, all supervised by expert teachers in their field. Ready to get started?

Finding meaning in one’s work is something precious and acclaimed by more and more people. Professions resolutely turned towards others, aesthetic care, hairdressing, nails or even perfumery will allow you to help many people feel better. Indeed, beyond helping them to feel more beautiful, it is a real work on self-esteem that you will put into practice! It is therefore no coincidence that professionals in the beauty and well-being sectors will be all the more appreciated if they have a great capacity for listening and empathy! Who has never gone to their hairdresser with the idea of ​​having a good time there?

Master the techniques on the fingertips!

A buoyant sector offering many outlets, it is therefore not surprising that these training courses are a real success. Just at Studi, number 1 in online training, nearly 1,200 learners enroll in these courses each year, 700 of whom go on to aesthetic and hairdressing CAPs. And among the formations that have exploded in recent years: that of Nail technician. A profession where meticulousness and artistic sense will be valued! Why not you ? These manual trades require mastering the right gestures and being rigorous when learning the different techniques. Do you think it will be difficult to acquire them with online training? Don’t panic, Studi has thought of everything! In order to master them on the fingertips, the French organization has set up educational progressions with live practice. Thus, the trainers show in real time all the steps and techniques necessary for the realization of a haircut, a treatment or even a nail application. Once the theory has been acquired, it will be up to the student to show these practical gestures live, thus allowing the teacher to correct them directly if necessary! Finally, mock exams, in the form of a monthly challenge, are organized for each course so that learners can test themselves in real conditions!

Rigorous supervision

Beyond the practice, you will also be able to learn the techniques of sale, reception, management of the goods… Which will allow you to evolve towards positions of responsibility and why not, open your own salon! At Studi, all trainers encourage each of their students to excel and are available to support them so that, once they graduate, they find a job as quickly as possible. Moreover, all the referent trainers are the creators of the Studi courses! These professionals in their field are also trainers in face-to-face training centers and jury and exam correctors at their academies. No doubt they know the workings and will be able to give you the best advice! Among the strong recommendations given, that of doing one or even several internships is mentioned in particular. Advice particularly given to learners with a CAP and for whom the internship is not compulsory. As for students preparing for a professional baccalaureate, 22 weeks of internship will be compulsory! Not only will this make it possible to put into practice the techniques and theories learned, but also to confront the professional world as well as the clientele.

Complete training to start your career with all the tools in hand!

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