Chanel unveils its make-up vision in collaboration with three creative partners

Chanel unveils its make-up vision in collaboration with three creative partners

With the launch of “Comets Collective”, the French luxury house Chanel joins forces with a group of emerging talents and adopts a new collaborative approach to the creation of its cosmetics. Together, they want to define “the future of beauty”.

The first three creatives associated with the “Comets Collective” project are makeup artists Ammy Drammeh, Cécile Paravina and Valentina Li. Chanel describes them as “rising stars” who will help accelerate the creative momentum of the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio.

The goal is to “harness the power of diversity by valuing multiple perspectives,” Chanel explains in its press release, and to open up “a new space for creativity at the heart of the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio.”

Picture: Chanel

Each member was chosen for their “dynamic and singular vision of beauty”, added the French luxury brand, and “together they will introduce a new avant-garde chapter in the culture of the House, which consists of exploring the way whose women see themselves”.

Chanel launches “Comets Collective” with three promising makeup artists

Chanel said that starting this month, each of the make-up artists will “bring their unique vision” to the brand, creating their own seasonal collections and working on joint projects to expand the palette of colors and shades of Chanel, and to reinterpret iconic creations to “enrich the creative heritage of the House”.

Picture: Chanel; Ammy Drammeh

Chanel declared: “The House is proud to be associated with these artists, distinguished laureates and internationally recognized for their creativity, their expertise and their free and authentic visions of beauty”. With the support of the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio, they will contribute to the development of new collections and imagine inspiring content for lovers of Chanel makeup.

“Comets Collective is made up of independent creatives united, above all, by the belief that beauty comes from the freedom to be and to become oneself in all its richness, complexity and nuances. By creating this community of emerging talents, the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio follows in the entrepreneurial footsteps of Gabrielle Chanel, often revolutionary and always at the service of an iconic style that defines her time”.

Ammy Drammeh, of Spanish and Gambian descent, grew up in Spain and moved to London in 2010. In 2018 and 2019 she was on the British Fashion Council’s ‘New Wave Creatives’ list as an innovative and inspiring young creative talent. Chanel said Drammeh “draws inspiration from her rich cultural background and has a flair for color and a mastery of texture.” Her work has appeared in magazines such as Vogue and Dazed.

Picture: Chanel; Cecile Paravina

Cécile Paravina, originally from Paris, studied design at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and in 2019 joined Bryant Artists, where she has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Lea Colombo , Valentin Herfray, Paul Kooiker, Arnaud Lajeunie, Georgia Pendlebury, Elizaveta Porodina, Drew Vickers and Charlotte Wales. Chanel describes Paravina as a “free spirit who is unfettered by the conventions of traditional beauty.” She quickly made a name for herself thanks to her uninhibited creativity.

Valentina Li, originally from Guangxi in southern mainland China, studied makeup in Beijing and Paris and has “the unique ability to imagine whimsical, fantastical and fabulously colorful worlds”. Valentina’s work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Wallpaper, L’Officiel and Grazia.

The first creations of Chanel’s “Comets Collective” collection will be released in January 2024.

Picture: Chanel; Valentina Li

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