Elsa Zylberstein’s interview by Nikos Aliagas: “Beauty and art can save the world”

Elsa Zylberstein's interview by Nikos Aliagas: "Beauty and art can save the world"

Elsa Zylberstein has fun in my lens, uninhibited and radiant. We laugh like kids. Then she fixes the lens with depth, the light does the rest. – By Nikos Aliagas

This is probably the role of his life: Elsa Zylbertein embodies Simone Veil on the big screen in Simone, the journey of the century. An emblematic role for a woman she knew and deeply admired. “His will, his courage, his determination, his humanity were striking. She was also with me during the filming…” More than a role in the cinema, carrying the destiny of the one who was the most emblematic French politician of the 20th century was a vital meeting. Meeting with an actress who traces her path with philosophy.

THE FIRST ACTION BEFORE LEAVING? I rarely go out without being well dressed and made up. I always have a little makeup bag with me in case I meet the man of my life! (Laughs.)

THE PLACE WHERE YOU DREAM TO GO, TO LIVE? Sharing my life between New York and France. I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, I love their energy, their sunshine, their positivity.

YOUR HEROES IN REAL LIFE? Obviously Simone Veil, Simone de Beauvoir, Elisabeth Badinter. Women who are not afraid, who dare, dignified and strong.

YOUR FICTIONAL HEROES? Mary Poppins, whom I loved when I was little and the characters embodied by great actresses like Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep or Lisa Minelli.

THE WORD THAT HAS BECOME ESSENTIAL TO YOU? The beauty. Beauty and art can save the world.

THE WORD YOU CAN’T BEAR TO HEAR ANY MORE? Everything that separates people, all the words that oppose each other.

THE SOUND, THE NOISE YOU REDISCOVERED DURING CONTAINMENT? I rediscovered the atmosphere of the apartment and its space, I who am more of a traveler and who lives at a hundred miles an hour.

WHAT YOU HAVE DISCOVERED ABOUT YOURSELF? I created a mythomaniac character that I filmed daily. A little character that I posted on the networks, I’m going to make a film of it with Gaumont.

THE FAULTS THAT inspire YOU THE MOST INDUSTRIAL? Those resulting from childhood neuroses, everything that has not been resolved, touches me.

THE GIFT OF NATURE YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE? To sing ! I went to the Vienna Opera to listen to an extraordinary Russian singer Anna Netrebko and I was speechless.

THE UNAVOWABLE LITTLE SECRET? I keep everything, I find it hard to throw away. Even post-its… And I don’t know how to travel light, I need to have my things everywhere and recreate my little world.

YOUR CURRENCY ? A thought from the poet René Char: “Impose your chance. Serve your happiness. Go to your risk… Looking at you, they will get used to it. »

THE SENTENCE YOU NEVER THOUGHT TO SAY ONE DAY? “Woody Allen will decide on my costume…” I will be touring with him soon.


WHO DO YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR? A person with many facets. One day, Vincent Lindon said to me: “How many are you inside? “.

BEHIND THE MASK, THERE IS… A kaleidoscope of a thousand colors, a girl, a woman, a child… I kept my childhood enthusiasm.

IN YOUR LITTLE WORLD, THERE IS… Dreams, desire and desire.

THE WORLD AFTER WILL BE… Feminine, spiritual, perhaps freer, stronger.

This interview can be found in Gala N°1531, available since Thursday 13 October.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage

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