Mila Kunis: the ultra-effective wellness routine of the star of American Girl (Netflix)

Mila Kunis: the ultra-effective wellness routine of the star of American Girl (Netflix)

She hadn’t appeared on screen for a long time: Mila Kunis is making her big comeback to the poster of American Girl (Luckiest Girl Alive), recently available on the Netflix platform. In this thriller, the actress embodies a journalist in disarray with a heavy past. But, despite the gravity of her role, it’s hard to ignore a beaming Mila Kunis. Here are the wellness tips the actress jealously keeps to herself.

Mila Kunis takes care of her health

Mila Kunis has always been relatively discreet about her personal life, but confides readily on the subject of fitness and health. For his role in black swan, the actress already admitted to having followed an intensive physical preparation in order to ensure in the skin of a prima ballerina. On a daily basis, the actress is a follower of the maxim “a healthy mind in a healthy body” and takes care of both her physical health and her Mental Healthas she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Physical exercise is also the basis of Mila Kunis routine, who has been exercising three times a week for years. And if you’re wondering how she manages to stay motivated over time, the answer is simple: she hired a coach who motivates her even on days without. Moreover, she follows a very precise sports program adapted to her needs: the PASE method which focuses on power, agility, strength and endurance. And what would a celebrity routine without yoga ? Mila has been a follower of this practice since her first pregnancy and derives both physical and psychological benefits from it.

The good habits of Mila Kunis

the Mila Kunis diet is very accessible. She cooks herself most of the time and does not put pressure on herself. For her, all you have to do is find the right balance, don’t forbid yourself anything (not even fast food!) but rather strike the balance by allowing yourself excesses while controlling your daily diet by eating homemade meals.

Whether on a personal or professional level, Mila Kunis makes it a point of honor to maintain mental health. For this, she tries to respect her limits and measures her personal investment so as never to be overwhelmed. Likewise, it is important for her to take time out with her friends or family and she allows herself to disconnect of his responsibilities for a while.

You guessed it, the key to wellness for Mila Kunis is simply a healthy routine and stable. A sports program adapted to his needs, a diet that listens to his desires and an adjusted rhythm of life, it is his way of keeping his ideas clear, particularly with such a busy life.

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