“the beauty of the island is reflected in the dishes”

Norbert Tarayre, parrain du salon du chocolat de Bastia

– You have all the talents and an undeniable verve that makes you one of the favorite chefs of the French. Has one of these professions taken over the others?

– I’m not teaching you anything if I tell you that my first passion is and remains cooking. But being passionate and a jack-of-all-trades, I like to broaden my skills, learn new things, even if the red thread often remains the kitchen. There, for example, I am launching my YouTube channel. We say to ourselves that it may be a formality for someone who hosts shows. But not at all, it’s a different operation and codes that I’m very excited to learn.

– How do you go from Top Chef candidate to star host of cooking shows?
– Through work, the key to many things in the end. Work and my passion as said before.

– Follower of Corsica for vacation or filming TV shows, had you ever heard of the chocolate fair and the delights of Corsica?
– Yes, because I like to meet craftsmen, professionals, find good products. With my teams, we try to find out what is happening all over France and even abroad. And then the chocolate… I’m crazy about chocolate! So participating in this edition in Bastia has real meaning for me, but above all it’s fun!

– Do you take your role as sponsor of this 10th edition of the Bastia Chocolate Fair to heart?
– Absolutely, I put my heart into everything I do, especially when it comes to supporting or showcasing the know-how of our regions. It is very important for me. If a subject does not speak to me, I do not lie to myself. I refuse. When I come, I am there 100% to experience real exchanges. So I am waiting for you all impatiently on the Place Saint-Nicolas.

– What kind of chocolate do you like and why?
I prefer dark chocolate, powerful strong in cocoa. Those of Patrick Roger make me crack.

– Baking is also one of your skills, a 250m² laboratory will be set up at the show under the aegis of Sébastien Lagrue World Champion of pain au chocolat. A question is still relevant: so, for you chocolatine or pain au chocolat?
– Ah ah ah I don’t want a problem, how do you say in Corsica?

– Apart from the thousands of visitors you will meet at the show, you will see dozens of chocolate artisans. What does this encounter mean to you? ?
– As said before, it’s really one of the reasons why I like to participate in this type of event: these meetings. And that’s also why I like to host shows that highlight craftsmanship. I am a lover of the terroir, of the traditions of highlighting know-how and recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. I like good food, good meals, discovering flavors.

– Corsica is full of treasures and we can easily say that we find the best craftsmen and producers there, what does our island inspire in you in terms of gastronomy?
– A great know-how, a real signature in gastronomy. The beauty of the Island is reflected in the plates. It’s generous! Chestnuts, olives, charcuterie, cheese and then let’s stick to the theme: chocolate. It speaks to me, it makes me vibrate. It’s all real heritage! Local as we like!


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