these incredible virtues for glowing skin

these incredible virtues for glowing skin

By Manuella Kiala

– Posted on 12 Oct 2022 at 05:00

– Updated on Oct 10, 2022 at 10:30

Does the word hemp worry you? Do not be afraid. Recently this ingredient is the star of skincare care. Having some points in common with cannabis (for therapeutic use), the use of hemp in beauty products is very controlled. Effect, cosmetics are only composed of cannabidiol (CBD). Because, this substance has many properties.

In the world of cosmetics, several brands have developed their range of CBD products. Unlike THC (Thetrahydrocannabinol), which has psychotropic effects. Hemp, on the other hand, contains many therapeutic benefitsbut also incredible effects on the skin and hair.

Hemp-based hair oils are a concentrate of fatty acids and amino acids. Which allows to strengthen brittle hair. Also composed of antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E which stimulate and promote hair growthwhile moisturizing, nourishing and protecting them.

As far as compound creams based on CBD are concerned, they are an opportunity to breathe new life into your epidermis. A use allowed for people of all ages, hemp evolves with us throughout our lives. With a rebalancing effect and antibacterial properties, CBD helps us to regulate excess sebumand sudden appearances of imperfection.

How to use CBD on the face?

Depending on the form of treatment you choose, CBD is very easy to use. If you choose an oil, all you need to do is squeeze a minimal amount of the treatment onto your fingertips. Apply the oil to your face by patting lightly (from the bottom to the top of your face), until the product is completely absorbed. On the other hand, if you opt for a cream, you will only need to apply a small amount on your face. Then gently massage the product into your skin, until it penetrates your epidermis.

Do you want to integrate CBD into your skincare routine? Here is 5 Incredible Products Your Skin Might Like.

Ho Karan Day Over Cleansing Oil:

Hiding behind a name meaning, “I love you”, this French brand Ho Karan, has given itself the mission of limiting external aggressions on the skin thanks to Breton CBD. Its make-up remover oil is composed of pure vegetable oils (hemp, grapeseed, olive) which break down fatty substances and impurities from pollution and make-up.

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The Rich, Cleansing CBD Mask, from The Body Shop:

Failing not to be a brand totally dedicated to CBD. The Body Shop is one of the first brands to create its own skincare range containing CBD. Bearing the name of Hemp, this range now offers 3 skincare products. Enriched with a blend of hemp seed oil, squalane and natural CBD derivatives, The Body Shop’s rich, cleansing mask is on a mission to purify the skin while soothing it. After using the treatment, you will have well hydrated and plump skin.

Peace & Skin Moisturizing Cream:

Focusing on addictogenic plants and CBD, the French brand Peace & Skin wants to help us hydrate our skin all in the protecting against pollution. Recognized as organic and more, Peace & Skin is committed to the environment. For this, it reserves 1% of their turnover for associations, campaigning for the protection of the oceans. Regarding their moisturizer, it is composed of 99% natural ingredients and 50% ingredients from organic farming. Aloe vera, CBD, Elecampane, and Radiola are the key active ingredients in this treatment.

No Breakout Elixir, from Id Swiss Botanicals:

Coming from Switzerland, the Id Swiss Botanicals brand has created a unique treatment, which plays the “in & out” (which allows a double action). Its hybrid product: No Breakout Elixir, was formulated from CBD and linoleic acid. Which allows you to apply it on the skin, or, to ingest it as a sublingual oil.

Hemp Anti-imperfection Mask, from Truly:

If in the Truly brand, CBD is not the only preferred ingredient. It still has many hemp-based treatments. The anti-imperfection radiance mask comes in a fun and colorful packaging. This jelly-like treatment is made with hemp seed oil, a blend of soothing antioxidants (from green tea), and other anti-blemish ingredients. After applying the treatment, your skin will be radiant (according to the brand).

As you’ve seen, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to CBD facials. If you are more attracted to makeup, some brands offer it, in the form of lipstick or mascara. In addition, edible oils enriched with CBD, or CBD-based infusions are also very accessible, and easily found on the internet or in specialized stores.

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