Baldness, a male concern that has not lost a hair

Baldness, a male concern that has not lost a hair

Wig, dye or long toupee, it is not yesterday that men seek to camouflage or even treat their baldness. In Canada, this hair condition affects one in two people.

On the show woman of today of September 15, 1966, the journalist Alain Stanké collects testimonies from men who live more or less well with hair loss.

The journalist Alain Stanké collects testimonies from bald men in a hairdressing salon.

In recent years, there has been a big evolution in men’s hairdressing and we are a few hairdressers in Montreal who have contributed a lot to it.says the owner of a hair salon in this report.

At the turn of the 1960s, men took more and more care of their hairstyle, in the same way that they were more attentive to trends in clothing fashion.

Most of the time, baldness is perceived as a problem by customers, confirms the hairdresser. Although some products exist to curb it, their effectiveness is very variable, he observes.

I’ve already started, it’s worryingexpresses a client on the hairdresser’s chair. A man who loses his hair looks much older.

Wearing a wig does not seem to be considered by most bald men encountered. It would be too different from my normal appearance, suggests a balding client in his thirties.

I know very well that my wife would not want to see me with hair. She’s used to that. I became like this after Germanyexpresses another referring to his return from the Second World War.

I’ve thought about it many times, but you get used to it believe ittestifies a last customer met in this hairdressing salon about the acceptance of his baldness.

In a hair salon, bald men talk about their process of coming to terms with their hair loss.

Thirty years later, on January 13, 1996, a similar report was shot in a hairdressing salon for the program simply life.

To look older than his age, not to please women, to be ridiculed, the fears expressed remain the same, but the men interviewed nevertheless seem to accept their condition better.

It’s not something that traumatized me for longtestifies a man who began to lose his hair in his twenties. When you are bald, you realize that there are also women who like it a lot.

Baldness can be a hindrance in a dating context, confirms a bald client who has frequently seen the note “bald abstain” in the classifieds. Too bad for those who stop there, he suggests.

I have already worn a piece of hair on my head and I was a statue of salt, testifies the hairdresser interviewed. It may not be a criterion of beauty not to have hairhe concludes, but I have the criterion of freedom which is worth the criterion of beauty!

Report by Jackie Corkery and Hélène Courchesne on treatments and drugs for baldness.

Baldness is still a concern, because the majority of Canadians who have it want to correct it, we learn from this report on the show Discovery of March 8, 1998.

A real godsend for the hair industry, there was an incredible number of methods and products on the market to treat baldness at the turn of the 2000s. To properly measure their effectiveness, however, you must first understand why there is a loss of hair and where we can act.

Contrary to popular belief, baldness is not due to too much production of male hormones and therefore too much virility, refutes Dr. Pierre Bédard interviewed by journalist Hélène Courchesne.

For men with hereditary androgenic baldness, this condition is instead explained by an excessive sensitivity of the hair follicles to male hormones.

A sensitivity that leads to a phenomenon of miniaturization, i.e. an increasingly shorter growth of hair that is increasingly thin and fine and which will gradually turn into down.

The hair follicles on the crown of the head do not react to male hormones like those on the vertex. It is for this reason that the first signs of baldness appear on the top of the skull, or the vertex.

According to these explanations, the hair transplant, although radical and expensive, can represent a solution. We will never restore the original volume of the hair, however warns the surgeon Pierre Bédard.

Two drugs on the market in 1998 can also act against hair loss, informs us the dermatologist David Gratton.

Minoxidil — commonly known as Rogaine — should be smeared twice daily on the scalp to curb hair loss. Then, there is a pill against baldness, finasterine which attacks the hormone derived from testosterone and which helps to preserve and strengthen the hair of the vertex.

The main disadvantage of these two methods: as soon as you stop taking the medication, hair loss starts again, in addition to certain side effects on the libido.

This ensures that there will always be a clientele for the miracle product that promises everything in record time, testify the two doctors interviewed for this report.

The best solution, concludes comedian “bald of origin” Josh Freed, is therefore a good psychotherapy to convince you that you are the same person, with or without hair.

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