SHOPPING Anti-ageing: serum, cream, lotion… these magical treatments erase the signs of time from 2.99 euros

SHOPPING Anti-ageing: serum, cream, lotion… these magical treatments erase the signs of time from 2.99 euros

Effective and affordable anti-aging skincare, does it really exist? Yes, three times yes! We present to you our best of rejuvenating formulas to be boosted by a good application gesture.

In terms of cosmetics, the appearance of wrinkles, Brown stains or the loss of firmness of the oval are undoubtedly the main concerns of women. Erase the signs of passing time, slow down the hourglass as much as possible… you will have understood: Integrating anti-aging products into your routine can therefore be tempting. Eyes, forehead, cheeks, neck… each area takes its place. Fortunately there is expert cosmetic solutions at low prices to meet all needs.

Make wrinkles disappear with a product at 2.99 euros, it’s possible

Dehydration wrinkles can be filled with moisturizers based onhyaluronic acid. More established wrinkles need formulas that work in depth to treat these skin lesions. The right move? Rub them with your fingertips, as if you were trying to erase them. “If you prefer with a gua sha, use it flat, not vertically,” says Sylvie Lefranc, expert in facial yoga.

Bet on the Cien Q10 Cream at only €2.99 (50ml), with coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid which help plump up wrinkles. Or the care Source de Roses Hydrating Plumping Fluid by Melvita (€26 for 40 ml), a formula based on wild rose and resurrection plant, with moisturizing and revitalizing powers.

These very reasonably priced products restore volume to sagging cheeks

Around the age of 50, the structure of the face changes, the fat melts and migrates downwards. Results ? A fuzzier oval, a heavier chin and cheekbones that lose bounce. Correct volumes with redensifying treatments, used with a gua sha. “The gestures must remain gentle, so as not to weaken the fibers of collagen and elastin”, specifies Sylvie Lefranc, expert in facial yoga.

Apply it PS Skin Multi-Peptide Serum from Primark (6 € for 25 ml). Filled with peptides, it revitalizes the skin and acts on all signs of aging. The option made in France? Jonzac Sublimactive Revitalizing Rose Cream Mature Skin (€28.50 for 40 ml)which redensifies the skin and helps redraw the contours of the face.

Erase brown spots that multiply with targeted care

By dint of sun exposure, the production of melanin is disrupted, which causes pigment spots. Protect yourself from UV all year round and adopt anti-spot care. They contain patented complexes that have the power to regulate the production of melanin. They can be coupled with peels, in particular based on glycolic acid, to be applied in the evening to smooth skin texture and reduce pigmentary irregularities.

To be tested in assets for like theGlycolic acid, Etat Pur (€19.90 for 15 ml), dosed at 10% and applied in the evening, all over the face, under the night cream. Or with care Cellular 630 Luminous night, Nivea (€19.90 for 50ml)including hyaluronic acid and Luminous 630, Nivea’s star active ingredient, reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Regain the radiance of the skin with low-cost treatments

Suffocated by pollution, the skin undergoes upheavals. Its microcirculation works at a slower pace, its cell renewal is slower, which makes the complexion duller. Boost your skin metabolism to regain luminosity thanks to detoxifying, antioxidant or revitalizing active ingredients such as vitamin C and gingko. The extra thing? Pumping movements on the lymph nodes, to evacuate toxins.

To slip under the day or night cream, the Evoluderm Vitamin C Serum. (€9.90 for 30ml) acts as a radiance booster. While the Coup d’Eclat Oxygenating Day Cream (€16.20 for 50 ml) breathes new life into the skin with gingko biloba and lupine.

Improve skin firmness with powerful anti-aging active ingredients

Over the years, the skin tends to sag. Give it back density and plump with formulas that help boost the synthesis of collagen and elastin, because their quantity and quality decrease over time. Good allies? Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol or bakuchiol. At the time of application, perform small stimulating pinches for enhanced effectiveness.

Opt for care Precious Argan Nourishing Cream from SO’ BIO étic (€15.80 for 50ml) whose argan pearls melt on contact with the skin to diffuse their anti-aging properties. Or to slip morning and evening under your cream, the Firming Serum, Lavera (21€ for 30 ml) with bakuchiol which is perfectly tolerated by all skin types.

Discover anti-aging treatments at low prices in the slideshow right here.

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