12 beauty products to take care of your sleep

12 beauty products to take care of your sleep

It has become a gimmick of personality interviews. To the question: “What is your beauty secret?” “, the answer fuses, almost unstoppable: “Sleep eight hours a night! Normal, when you know that the body’s cells repair themselves during this phase of rest and that toxins are eliminated. Only here, falling asleep is not always an easy task. A survey conducted by Wopilo* reveals that 70% of respondents point to stress as the number one enemy of sleep, while 48% mention noise, 45% muscle tension and 33% accuse their partner of fidgeting and/or snoring . Cosmetics, which prides itself more and more on well-being, is now seizing the subject and deploying new strategies to promote sleep. “When you’re not sleeping, it shows immediately on your face. When creating my brand, it was obvious that I would develop products that support sleep, this is part of my 360 degree beauty approach”, explains Mélanie Huynh, the founder of Holidermie. To fall into the arms of Morpheus, several options are available to us, to use alone or to combine.

* French brand of pillows.

“Sandman” creams and mists

How can a cream help sleep? “It goes through the perfume, it’s the technique of aromachology, and it works. Thanks to sensory perception, we feel soothed », says Lionel de Benetti, cosmetologist. Smells are transformed into nerve messages, which arrive directly in the area of ​​the brain linked to emotions, to create calm. Among the perfumes that calm, that of lavender has proven itself and remains a classic of night formulas. Other plants have this virtue, such as sweet orange or ylang-ylang. To push the action of odors further, you can also use a mist to spray in your room and on your pillow. The essences are more concentrated there than in a cream and perfectly complement the action of the latter.

Anti-stress nutricosmetics

Essential oils of sweet orange or lavender are interesting because they do not act on the nervous system only by smell, but also orally. This is why they are often found in products to swallow for better sleep. “Studies prove the effects of certain ingredients on sleep. In addition to lavender, we chose sedative lemon balm, anti-stress escholtzia, serotonin-precursor L-tryptophan and passionflower., explains Mélanie Huynh. But the star molecule of the moment is CBD (cannabidiol), present in hemp (not to be confused with THC, the psychotropic active ingredient). “It helps calm anxiety, often the cause of insomnia, without being boring or habit-forming, observes Arthur Chelly, co-founder of Remedeus, whose Dream complex is a bestseller. Are drops or herbal teas better? CBD acts via the blood, there will be more effect with drops placed under the tongue. » To be adapted according to his level of stress…

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