Breast cancer, with her tattoos Lisa helps women to accept their new body

Breast cancer, with her tattoos Lisa helps women to accept their new body

Sarah Poulain tattooed by Lisa Fuchs Le 13 Tatouage
Lisa Fuch started tattooing women affected by breast cancer after meeting Sarah (pictured) four years ago. ©Olivier Denis for #womeninthetourment

the breast cancer often leaves traces on women’s bodies. After their treatment, some have to separate from one or both of their breasts.

A difficult act Lisa Fuchsat the head of the salon of “Le Treize” tattoo in Mortagne-au-Perche (Orne), accompanies in its own way by tattooing women on this bruised area, after a total or partial mastectomy.

It is his encounter with Sarah, a woman living in Perche with cancer for several years, which prompted Lisa Fuchs to offer this type of service. “With Sarah, we started talking about tattooing four years ago. For two years, then we only saw each other to talk about the project, ”says Lisa Fuchs.

The latter never tattoos, in fact, directly after the operation. She believes that it is necessary two years of healing before starting a tattoo project. “The skin must be ‘worked’ with care so that it becomes supple,” she points out.

fragile skin

If there is no proper training for tattooing skin damaged by medical treatments, Lisa Fuchs took advice from members of her family working in the medico-social field. “The skin of the chest after a mastectomy is both hard and very fragile. »

It’s skin that’s going to bleed a lot. It is never an easy experience.

Lisa Fuchs

In the case of Sarah, for whom a reconstruction was not possible, the choice of a large piece was made in order to hide the scars. It took four meetings spread over several months to complete this first project. “At the beginning Sarah did not like tattoos and since then she has taken a liking to it”.

Reclaiming your body with the tattoo

Lisa Fuchs has since tattooed four other women. All with different profiles. “Even with breast reconstruction, some women have need to reclaim their body. They use the tattoo in this way”.

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The women who walk through the doors of Lisa Fuchs’ salon are sometimes embarrassed, others are eager to start their session. “I think being a woman makes it easier for them to be comfortable,” the tattoo artist points out, however.

The women I tattooed are between 45 and 50 years old. Those who are older find it difficult to make the leap. But there is no age limit, contrary to popular belief. You can tattoo any skin.

Raise awareness of the practice

If Lisa Fuchs tries to meet the demands of her clients affected by breast cancer in terms of drawings, she has however chooses not to tattoo nipples to visually replace those removed during the operation. “I’ve never done it and I won’t.”

She hopes that in the future tattooing for women affected by breast cancer will become more democratic and encourage people to walk through the doors of tattoo parlors once they are ready. “With Sarah, we are thinking about what we could put in place to make this practice known. Our core business allows people to accept yourself better and it makes even more sense with these women, making them want to show up again “.

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