What are the best creams for dry skin?

What are the best creams for dry skin?

For hydrate dry skin, There is no miracle solution. We use appropriate care, moisturizing and nourishing, suitable for sensitive skin. We leave nothing to chance and we build a skincare routine complete, with a cleanser suitable for dry skin, a moisturizing serum and a day cream.

What cream should I use for my dry skin?

  • For acne-prone skin

Often caused by excess sebum, acne pimples can also appear on dry skin. If you have acne, use a non-comedogenic cream and cosmetics based on shea, aloe vera, or jojoba oil.

  • For mature skin

On mature skin, wrinkles and sagging skin can be even more visible when you have dry skin. To firm and nourish the skin, we prefer a anti-aging moisturizer based on hyaluronic acid, collagen or retinol.

  • For sensitive skin

For very sensitive skin, pay attention to the composition of the creams: we opt for cosmetics with natural ingredients, without parabens, phenoxyethanol or dyes. Choose rich textures and night creams to continuously moisturize your skin.

What to do to treat dry skin?

First, avoid using too many products such as scrubs and cleansers, which could irritate the skin and damage the epidermis. We choose a gentle face cleanser, such as a cleansing milk or oil, so that the hydration process begins as soon as you cleanse your skin. On the make-up side, we will favor an oil, water or micellar milk for daily use. During our sleep, we put on moisturizing and soothing night masks, to pamper our skin even while sleeping.

We favor cosmetics based on moisturizing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vegetable collagen and vitamins. For sensitive skin, you can turn to cosmetics based on shea butter, aloe vera orcoconut oilnatural ingredients that are known to plump the skin and relieve irritation.

There are a few rules that should not be overlooked in the fight against dry skin:

  • Drink at least 1 L of water every day

  • Never go to bed without removing makeup

  • Never go out without having applied a sunscreeneven in winter

  • Ban alcohol-based treatments, which tend to attack sensitive skin

The best face care for dry skin


Polaar Boreal Seaweed Revitalizing Cream

Rich in restorative active ingredients, this night care promises:

  • to smooth the skin
  • to regenerate and relax stressed, dehydrated and devitalized skin
  • to eliminate toxins

Price: €47.99


La Roche Posay Triple Repair Hydrating Balm

A Blipid-replenishing anti-itching ointment for dry eczema-prone skin atopic. This dry skin cream allows:

  • immediately soothe the skin
  • to space out severe drought peaks
  • reduce irritation

Price: €9.90


L’Oréal Anti-Aging Revolumizing Day Cream

Moisturizing cream andenriched with Hyaluronic Acid for a pwater hdeeply hydrated. the Care revolumizing anti-aging Revitalift Filler promises:

  • to plump up the skin
  • to fill in wrinkles
  • restore volumes

Price: €14.5


Egyptian Magic Multi-Purpose Skin Cream

The secret ofEgyptian Magic is its natural origin formula based on Honey, Olive Oil and Royal Jelly known for their ultra-nourishing properties. Results :

  • hydrated, soft skin
  • a radiant complexion
  • reduced imperfections

Price: 23 €


Olehenriksen Peptide Moisturizing Cream

A moisturizer that instantly hydrates, boosts skin elasticity and improves the appearance of wrinkles. Formulated with quality ingredients, this cream brings bounce and resilience to all skin types. EIt is enriched with:

  • peptides
  • collagen
  • hyaluronic acid

Price: 45 €


Moisturizing Face Cream With Fresh Hyaluronic Acid

Composed of a combination of hyaluronic acids which help to attract water and rose oil which nourishes the skin, Rose Face Cream day cream infused facee real roses promotes optimal hydration levels. The benefits are:

  • Intense continuous hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid
  • A soothing and plumping formula for a luminous complexion
  • A refreshing texture for smoother skin and a healthy glow

Price: €47


Rich Quenching Cream Very dry skin Clarins

The rich moisturizing cream with an unctuous texture brings immediate comfort to very dry skin. She promises:

  • nourished skin
  • a radiant complexion
  • an airy texture for immediate comfort

Price: €39.90


Cera Ve Face Moisturizer

Ideal for skin dried out by anti-acne treatments, ce moisturizer:

  • restores the skin barrier
  • continuously moisturizes
  • nourishes and soothes the skin

Price: 12 €


Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream

Thanks to its 2 active ingredients: squalane vegetable extract from olives and glacial glycoprotein, this non-greasy and light moisturizing cream:

  • moisturizes the skin for 24 hours
  • penetrates quickly thanks to its airy texture
  • helps repair the skin barrier to keep skin soft, supple and hydrated

Price: €18.99


Ultra-Comforting Face Balm, Rêve de Miel, Nuxe

This creamy face cream intensely nourishes, soothes and repairs the skin while protecting it from external aggressions. The skin regains suppleness and infinite comfort. She is composed :

  • propolis
  • honey
  • precious oils

Price: 28 €


Yves Rocher Nourishing Comfort Balm

This Nourishing Comfort Balm suitable for sensitive and dry skin nourishes, moisturizes and soothes tightness, tingling and other feelings of discomfort. Results :

  • strengthened skin
  • less sensitive
  • More comfortable

Price: €11.99


Clinique Dry Skin Repair Cream

This anti-aging moisturizer provides ultra-fast hydration, throughout the day, and plumps the skin up to 70% as soon as it is applied. Thanks to its SPF15, your skin is protected from external aggressions. She permits :

  • visibly reduce wrinkles
  • to unify the complexion
  • lift and hydrate the skin

Price: 29 €

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