Facelift without surgery: what is electrostimulation?

Facelift without surgery: what is electrostimulation?

When the skin loses its firmness, facial features tend to sag. A completely natural phenomenon that sets in with age. If certain techniques used in surgery or in aesthetic medicine can prove to be invasive, other equally effective and more natural methods exist. We are talking here about electrostimulation of the face and more particularly about micro-current.

Electrostimulation and micro-current: what is it?

Electrostimulation is a technique that stimulates the cells of our body, here the face, using small electrical currents. The goal ? Heat the fibers, especially the collagen already naturally present in our body. In this way, the electric currents activate the repair of small damages caused by time on the tissues of the skin in order to obtain a anti-aging effect without passing the needles or the scalpel. Result: a facelift without surgery!

Anti-wrinkles: what are the benefits of electrostimulation on the face?

Both on the surface and in depth, the skin can take advantage of all the benefits of electrostimulation. In addition, the effects are immediate, provided you respect the regularity of the treatment. Thanks to the micro-currents, the collagen is thus boosted to restore firmness to the skin and radiance to the complexion. But are electric currents painful? Although each feeling is unique to each person, these small electrical stimulations are generally painless. In addition, there are now micro-current devices specially designed to carry out sessions at home. In this case, the intensity of the micro-current is adapted.

“You can save about 10 years” with the micro-current technique: how to go about it?

Dr. Catherine Gaucher, dermatologist but also homeopath and acupuncturist, presents electrostimulation as a small revolution among anti-aging treatments to be performed from home. And this, thanks to new micro-current devices, such as BEAR from FOREO Sweden. A non-invasive method that allows you to find toned muscles, reduced wrinkles and smooth skin. “With these techniques, we can save about 10 years” specifies the dermatologist in a interview published by the brand. No need to go to the office, now effective anti-aging care is at your fingertips! In addition, this technique is safe for the majority of us. Moreover, the LUNA 3 Plus device allows him to adjust the intensity of the micro-current to firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines in a delicate way. Note, however, that fragile skin or skin suffering fromsevere acne or eczema should seek expert advice. Pregnant people should also stay away from these practices. In case of doubt, or if the tingling of the micro-current becomes unpleasant, it is recommended to inquire with your doctor or dermatologist.

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