Sarah Jessica Parker’s Beauty Secrets

Sarah Jessica Parker's Beauty Secrets


If the actress affirms that she has never had recourse to cosmetic surgery and opposes it with energy, she remains no less concerned about the quality of her skin. A golden rule to which she never departs: wash her face with clear water, morning and evening, and this, whatever the time and her state of fatigue. During the day, she applies her favorite moisturizer signed La Roche-Posay and indulges in a facial massage that she performs with a jade roller, previously cooled in the refrigerator. In the evening, after a meticulous make-up removal, Sarah deposits the contents of a capsule of serum under a plumping anti-aging cream and brushes her lips with nourishing balm.

Eight Hour Intensive Lip Repair Balm, Elizabeth Arden

jade massage roller, Jade Roller

MultiCorrexion Serum capsules, Rock

Tolériane Dermallergo fluid, La Roche Posay


Let it be said, sport is not part of his vocabulary! To counter this mistake, Sarah admits however to practice a lot of walking and indulge in a few yoga classes… when she has time! Good food, she enjoys food but always prefers frozen foods, because they are easier to digest and would, according to her, help to lose weight. True or false ? Still, in case of excess, the actress also follows the Shapiro method which consists in eating all that she wants on the condition of not exceeding 1800 calories per day. The only way for her to maintain a dream figure, without depriving herself.

Sesame Body Lotion, Neutrogena

Rainbath shower gel, Neutrogena


A fan of Serge Normant products, the star sometimes admits to using a shampoo intended for… horses! A trick used by many personalities across the Atlantic that would make the hair sublime. At the same time, she maintains her naturally curly hair with a mask and, for a miracle “rehab”, she leaves it in a bun overnight. On the hairstyle side, she has a panoply of curling irons and styling products to discipline her curls and boost volume: dry shampoo being her best ally because, in addition to flying to the rescue of greasy hair, it allows her to keep her styled / disheveled look while creating volume at the root. Tired of having to go to the salon every month to maintain her blondeness, she recently decided to assume her white hair and opt for the Herringbone Highlight, a coloring technique that consists of blending gray and white hair with the blond.

volumizing styling lotion; Sunday Shampoo, Bumble and Bumble

Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray, Serge Normant

Oleo-Relax Mask; Nutri-Sculpt Nutritive Foam, Kerastase


His favorite pastime? Walk in the sun… but protected from UV rays by always applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 to the face and body.

Ultra-Sheer SPF 30 Sunscreen, Neutrogena

SPF 30 sunscreen lotion, Coppertone


Before launching her own fragrance Lovely by SPJ that she currently wears, Miss Parker’s olfactory moods have long oscillated between Incense Avignon, a mixed woody oriental signed Like boysand the resolutely romantic floral Violetta from Penhaligon’s.

Lovely, SPJ


A hint of foundation to unify and hide imperfections, a touch of highlighter on the contours of the face, a little blush on the cheekbones for a healthy glow effect and the backdrop is ready. Because Sarah doesn’t like overly sophisticated make-up, she only accentuates her eyes with a dash of olive-colored eyeliner, which she blends onto the eyelids. The palate remains discreet, with a transparent colored gloss.

Hypnosis Drama Mascara, Lancome

Eye shadow stick Caviar Khaki, Laura Mercier

Maifanshi Hydrating Foundation, Koh Gen Do

Rally tinted lip & cheek stick, Milk Makeup

Shade & Illuminate contour cream, Tom Ford


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