The key to skin expertise

The key to skin expertise


Obagi®: The key to skin expertise

Your well-being is what is most precious to you. Take care of yourself and your skin with exceptional products from Obagi®.

A global leader in skincare, the Obagi® brand is the world’s premier medical skincare company backed by more than 30 years of science and innovation. Creating clinical-grade products that brighten, even out, revitalize and protect your skin, Obagi® treatments deliver results you can see from the first use, and clearly visible results as you continue to care.

For Obagi®, skin care is not limited to correction and prevention. It’s about unleashing its full potential and brilliance. For this reason, the brand carefully studies the feedback from its customers to constantly improve the products offered by the brand.

Dedicated to diversity and inclusion, Obagi Medical is the first professional skincare company to specifically design clinical research protocols to include all six ” Fitzpatrick skin type”, which are the six skin tones officially classified by scientists in terms of pigmentation, all thanks to its “Skinclusion” program.

Obagi Medical is designed to not only prevent but also help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne and sun damage, creating a future of health care. skin smarter, accessible and healthier than ever.

Primarily available to dermatologists and other skincare professionals, Pure Obagi is delighted to now offer its Obagi Medical range direct to European customers online in partnership with Man or woman, now take advantage of the many exceptional products of the brand, directly at home!

Complete, the Obagi® brand offers all types of care and creams for your skin: cleansers, toners, exfoliators, skin lighteners, treatments to fight acne, vitamin C, eye, face and neck care or more sunscreens, there is something for all needs, for all skin types, especially with the high summer heat when our skins are put to the test: sun, perspiration… Difficult to maintain a skin neat, clean, brilliant in these conditions. To effectively protect you and take care of your skin, Obagi has specially developed a range of summer care and for all skin types.

Recognized for its regenerative and protective properties, the Vitamin C Serum range will be your most faithful ally for hydrated, clean, radiant skin. To accompany it, nothing better than Obagi C Clarifying Serum rangealso available now on the website

You can carry out your skin test yourself and thus determine the best products for your skin thanks to this link and, at the moment, take advantage of many promotions and discounts on the site

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