Le Marsouin honors men’s cosmetics

Le Marsouin honors men's cosmetics

It all started in 2016 with “Un jour un Homme”, a marketplace that brings together more than sixty male cosmetic products that are found in bathrooms. Customers can find a multitude of hygiene and cosmetic care brands with different typologies: products for shaving, beard care, face and body care or even perfumes.

The founder of this website, 31-year-old Benjamin Sénéchal, later wanted to create a full-fledged men’s cosmetics brand. The particularity of these products: they are all made with ingredients from the sea.

The Marsouin, imagined in 2019, therefore arrives on the market with three first products. The founder’s objective is to promote ingredients that come from the sea in the world of cosmetics, as well as their benefits. You can already find a moisturizing lip balm, made with brown algae, red algae and green algae. There is also spirulina. Thereafter, a scrub is also available. It is made with samphire, sea fennel and sand to have this exfoliating side. To finish this routine, the brand also offers a facial cleanser made from spirulina and seawater to purify the skin. But Benjamin Sénéchal does not want to stop there. In order to complete this masculine routine, two new references are arriving for the end of the year. Customers will be able to find a treatment for the eye contour, which will decongest and illuminate the eyes. It will also have the effect of a concealer, antipuffiness and anti-wrinkle. To close the treatments, a moisturizing mask for the face will also appear.

By 2023, the Le Marsouin routine will be available in spas, institutes, thalassotherapy centers, hotels and even pharmacies: “On the distribution side, we are looking to set up in places where our positioning suits us best. better. I consider that our products remain top-of-the-range, which is why we are going to canvass these physical points of sale. It’s a new start for us because for the moment customers could only order products on the Un jour un Homme website. In addition, the market for male cosmetics is constantly growing and still has a lot of future. We know there is more room for new actors in the male world. On the women’s side, there is a lot of competition, ”says Benjamin Sénéchal, founder of Le Marsouin.

Located in Normandy near Caen, Le Marsouin thus remains privileged to obtain its raw materials and thus proceed to the short circuit.

Practical information :

LE MARSOIN website: https://lemarsouin.com/

Instagram THE MARSOUIN: https://www.instagram.com/lemarsouin.bio/

Facebook LE MARSOUIN: https://www.facebook.com/lemarsouinof

UN JOUR UN HOMME website: https://www.unjourunhomme.com/

Instagram ONE DAY A MAN: https://www.instagram.com/ unjourunhomme/

Facebook ONE DAY A MAN: https://www.facebook.com/ unjourunhomme/

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